5 Free Wedding Planner Apps For iPhone

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Here is a list of 5 free wedding planner apps for iPhone which let you manage your wedding plans in an effective and more organized manner.

Wedding is always a special occasion in everyone’s life and each one of us want it to be perfect. As we all know, to make any wedding successful, there are a lots of functions and responsibilities which need to be fulfilled. But managing all these functions of wedding is a tough job and even a slightest mistake can make the wedding a long lasting nightmare for all the guests as well as for the couple. So to avoid this kind of problem or situation, I have compiled a list of 5 free wedding planner apps for iPhone.

Even though these apps are not as full featured as some of the free wedding planning websites, but in case you do not want to go with a full fledged website and instead want to do wedding planning on the move, then these wedding planning apps for iPhone provide a good alternative.

These apps will help you in managing all the things like budget, guest list, invitations to send, decorations, catering, etc. with ease. So lets check it out the features of each app in this list.

1. Wedding Planning Complete:

Wedding Planning Complete

The first wedding planning app for iPhone is Wedding Planner Complete. In this app, you first need to make a profile for the couple by mentioning couple’s name, and wedding date/time/location. When you have created the profile, you can easily make guest list, budget, and search for vendors. The app also lets you add your custom vendors which are not listed in the app. You can add unlimited number of guests to the guest list with special indicators to indicate that which guest is from groom side and which one is from bride side.

One unique feature of the app is that it when you add your wedding budget to the app, then it automatically displays the general distribution of budget among different categories like ceremony, attire, photography, videography, stationary, reception, music, etc. If your real distribution of budget is different from the one displayed by the app, then you can also update it by tapping on the particular category. Apart from this, you can also sync the app with WedSpace.com to read wedding blogs, visit wedding store, watch photos, and check your journal.

Get Wedding Planning Complete here.

2. WeddingHappy – Wedding Planner:

WeddingHappy - Wedding Planner

WeddingHappy – Wedding Planner is a wedding planner app for iPhone whose main focus is to help you in managing and completing all the tasks related to the wedding. To use this app, you only need to enter the wedding date and nothing else. On the basis of the entered wedding date, the app automatically divides all the general tasks and assigns them a deadline in such a way that they get completed by the time wedding date arrives. You can also add or delete tasks to the app as per your preference. On the home screen of the app, you can check the number of tasks completed and number of tasks to complete. Below this data, the app displays the next tasks to do and the last completed task.

You can filter the tasks by due date, category, and completed tasks. The app has a separate section for adding vendors for each category with option of adding notes to it. One interesting feature of the app is that it displays the number of due tasks on the app’s icon on your iPhone’s home screen. You select the category for the number of due tasks to be shown on the basis of either current day, week or month.

Get WeddingHappy – Wedding Planner here.

3. iDoo – Wedding Planner:

iDoo – Wedding Planner

iDoo – Wedding Planner app is the wedding planner app in which you have to enter the details of bride while creating the profile. The details includes: bride’s name, city, country, groom’s name, bridesmaid’s name, wedding planner’s name, wedding date, budget, number of guests, and wedding location. The app has a section called Todo’s where you can add and manage all the tasks to be done. The app also adds many tasks by default to make it easier for you to manage tasks. You can manage your guest list from Guests section. Here you can add guests by adding their name, contact details, and whether they have sent gift to you or not. You can also classify the guests on the basis of RSVP.

The app has in-built search bar for searching the vendors for different categories. Currently, you can search for the vendors from England, Mexico, Spain, and United States. Besides this, the app also lets you manage your budget and get inspirations for planning the wedding.

Get iDoo – Wedding Planner here.

4. 2life Ultimate Wedding Planner:

2life Ultimate Wedding Planner

2life Ultimate Wedding Planner app is a wedding planner app which is developed to engage both the partners in the wedding planning activities. To use this app to the maximum, both the partners needs to install this app on the respective devices. This app lets both the partners manage the events, lists, photos, journal, links, and shopping list. The app can also be synced with iPhone’s calendar to manage those events which they might have added on their iPhone’s calendar. The app also let both the partners to chat in real time from within the app. Besides this, they can read daily content, magazine, planning tips, do gown search, and galleries.

Get 2life Ultimate Wedding Planner here.

5. iWedPlanner – The Wedding Planner:

 iWedPlanner - The Wedding Planner

The last wedding planner app for iPhone in this list is iWedPlanner – The Wedding Planner. This app has a very simple interface with all the options right on the welcome screen of the app. Some of the options are: ToDoList, Budget, Vendors, RSVP, Seating, Reminder, Profile, Gift Registry, and much more. The great thing about the app is that it is the only app in this list which lets you arrange and manage the seating arrangement for guests that too for free. The app has 3 categories for seating arrangements: Engagement Arrangement, Wedding Arrangement, and Reception Arrangement. Each of these arrangements has further various categories to choose from which will ultimately lead you to the perfect seating arrangement. The app even lets you view the complete seating arrangement via Chart and Table.

Get iWedPlanner – The Wedding Planner here.

This completes my list of 5 free wedding planner apps for iPhone. Try out these apps to create the perfect wedding plan for your own or someone else’s wedding to make it an unforgettable experience. Also, let me know which app impressed you the most.

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