4 Free Caricature Apps For iPhone

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Here’s a list of 4 free caricature apps for iPhone which let you create caricatures with ease that too in a matter of few seconds.

Caricatures are the rendered image of any object which shows its quality in a simplified or exaggerated way. These caricatures can also be used to create funny images or sketches of yourself or anyone else like your partner, friends etc. The apps mentioned by me in this article let you create caricatures either by uploading your photo or simply drawing it by yourself using provided tools and features. You can share the caricatures easily via Facebook, Twitter, mail, etc.

1. MomentCam:


MomentCam is the first and most effective caricature app for iPhone in this list. The MomentCam app has 3 modes: Comics, Emoticons, and Portfolio. The Comics mode lets you create still caricatures by either clicking photo or uploading an existing one. The app lets you choose the type of caricature to be created: Punk, Family, Parenting, and Couple. You can edit the created caricature using different tools and accessories. You can use Face Edit tool to edit face, hairs, eyebrows, glasses, and beard. After choosing the type, tools and accessories, you can give the finishing touch to your caricature by selecting the shade types.

Similarly, the Emoticons mode lets you create animated caricature and Portfolio mode lets you save your favorite caricatures. You can also save caricatures to your device or share it via Tumblr, DropBox, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, etc.

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Get MomentCam here.

2. Caricature Me:

Caricature Me

The second caricature app for iPhone is Caricature Me. Its an easy to use app with just three steps required to make the caricature: Get Photo, Make Caricature, and Save & Share. In first step, you simply need to import photo either by clicking a new one or by adding an existing one. On the next step, you can choose from various style, drawing, and frames for creating the caricature of your choice. You can also adjust brightness and contrast for the created caricature. Finally at the third step, you can save it or share it via email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.

Get Caricature Me here.

3. Caricatures:


The third caricature app for iPhone is Caricatures. This app doesn’t let you create caricatures by uploading your own photo or any other photo. Instead, this app lets you create completely fresh caricatures using different pre-drawn arts. The app contains various arts like for face outline, eyes, mouth expression, nose, eyebrows, ears, and hairs. You can make different combinations of these arts to create a new and amazing caricatures each time. You can also set the background color for your created caricature. If you want, then you can also save it or share it via Facebook, Twitter, and mail.

Get Caricatures here.

4. I Sketch U Caricature:

I Sketch U Caricature

I Sketch U Caricature is the final caricature app for iPhone in the list. This app is similar to the above mentioned app in this list in terms of creation of caricatures. The only difference is that it also lets you resize and reposition the arts according to your choice. One more difference between the two apps is that this app gives you more freedom of choice while selecting the arts because of its bigger collection of arts. You can also add text to your created caricature for making it more expressive and funny. You can share the created caricature by Facebook or mail.

Get I Sketch U Caricature here.

Here I conclude my list of 4 free caricature apps for iPhone. I hope you liked it. You can try them and create your own custom caricatures in a few seconds. Do check them out and don’t forget to mention the name of the app which you liked the most.

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