iPhone All-In-1 Photo Editor App: Quick and Easy Way to Edit Photos

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All-In-1 Photo Editor is a free iPhone photo editing app. The thing I liked most about this app was the ease of use. The interface is pretty simple, apart from the annoying ads that pop up when you launch the app. When you start editing a photo it seems so effortless. First do all the editing, then add FX effects and save the photo. Its that easy. While editing, you will get the editing options laid out in a very user friendly way. You will see them categorized as effects, frames, stickers, enhance, orientation, crop, adjust, splash, etc.

Below you can see the screenshot of the app when you first launch it. As I mentioned above, when you open the app every time, you will have three pop up ads, asking you to download other free apps. You can simply click “no” on these ads.

all in 1 photo editor home page

The first option which says “Load” asks you to select a photo for editing. The photo can either be taken from the photo library or you can click a photo using the phone camera.

When you click on the “Editor” tab you are given various options as below:

  • Effects: This option lets you add various effects to the photo like Clyde, Avenue, Haas, Arizona, Lucky, Dean, etc. After selecting the appropriate one, just click the apply button at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Focus: Offer you two shapes, circle and rectangle. Select any shape and choose the focus area of the photo.
  • Frames: This option offers you various frames to apply to your photo like pistol, ivory, punch, instant, studio, etc. Just select the frame that you want and click apply button at the top right corner of the page.
  • Stickers: Contains 24 stickers pack which has to be downloaded to be used. The download is free and you get stickers like hats, glasses, speech bubbles, shapes, bows, ties, etc.
  • Enhance: This will give you three options to enhance your photo, Hi-Def, illuminate and color fix. Try on each to see which gives a better looking photo. Look at the screenshot below for this option.

all in 1 phot editor enhancer

  • Orientation: Lets you rotate the photo in any direction you want and also lets you flip the photo either from side to side, or upside down.
  • Crop: Will let you crop the photo to a custom size or to one of the three given sizes.
  • Adjust: This option will let you adjust brightness, contrast, warmth and saturation of the photo by moving the slider.
  • Splash: This option will let you add splash color effect to your photo. It provides you two effects, free color and smart color along with a eraser to undo the splash color.
  • Draw: Lets you draw on the photo with various sizes of brush, a color palette to choose color from and an eraser to erase any mistakes.
  • Text: You can text on the photo using this option. Once you are done writing you can move the text around to where you would like to place it. You can also change the color of the text along with the orientation.
  • Redeye: This is for red eye removal from the photo.
  • Whiten: Makes the photo a tad bit more white. I personally didn’t find much difference in the photo with this option.
  • Blemish: This option gives the photo blurry effect. Like if you want to focus on something in the picture then you can use this option to blur out everything else.
  • Meme: Create a meme out of your photo using this option. You will be asked to enter a top line and bottom line of text which you would want on your meme.

all in 1 phot editor fx

Once you are done with editing the photo click on the done button at the top right corner. Now you can go to the FX effects tab, as displayed in the screenshot above. This tab contains various effects which you can use on your photo to make them look better or even scarier for that matter. Next to FX you will find a undo tab, which does exactly that. It undoes the last change you made to the photo. Lastly, you come to the save button, which saves this edited photo to your camera roll.

Now, the problem with the free version is that it includes a watermark on the photo you just saved. You would need to upgrade to the pro version to get rid of the watermark. If the watermark doesn’t bother you much, then this app is perfect. As simple as it can be and you have a brand new photo within minutes. You can also check out other free photo editing apps for iPhone.

Get All-in-1 Photo Editor Free for iPhone from here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2 Average: 1]
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 4.3 or later
Free/Paid: Free

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