Learn Location Of 50 States Of The USA With These Map Quiz Games

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If you want to learn location of 50 states of the USA, it can be a bit difficult with a map. Even though you memorize the locations with a map, you can still end up making some mistakes. So how do you learn states location perfectly?

It has been a known fact that games can make learning more interesting and help memorize things better. So, here I present you these best Map Quiz Games available out there. These games will help you memorize location of 50 states of the United States Of America. How these games work? The idea behind all these games are similar; you have to locate the state on map for provided state name. And how are these games different from each other? Well, they differ on the basis of gameplay and marking scheme.

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Here Are The Best Map Quiz Games To Learn Location Of 50 States Of USA:

The U.S.: 50 States – Map Quiz Game

This map quiz game from Seterra lets you locate states on the map of USA. On the top of map, you will be given the name of a state. You have to locate the state by clicking on the map.

If your guess is right in the first trial, the state will be highlighted in white color. If you guess it right in the second trial, the state will get highlighted in light yellow. For correct third attempt, the state will turn bright yellow. If you fail the third time, the correct state will be highlighted in red color. Click on that correct state highlighted in red to move on to guess the next state.

On the top of the quiz, you can see the accuracy percentage along with time taken. The timer keeps running, and there is no option to pause it. This map quiz game is best from individual practice.

Access The U.S.: 50 States here.

Find The US States

Find The US States by Sporcle is another good option you can look at. Here again, you will get the name of a state, which you will have to locate on the given map. The correct state will turn red if you guess the wrong state in first attempt. There’s no second chance. For correct guess, the state will turn green. Keep playing till you play 50 chances to locate all states.

It has a 7 minute countdown timer, which you can also turn into stopwatch. Your score is displayed on top of the map. Unlike the above mentioned quiz, you can always pause this game. After the game is over, you can view game stats or share score with others on social media. This map quiz game is best for classroom environment as it has a competitive touch.

Access Find The US States here.

Map The 50 States

In this map quiz game called Map The 50 States, you have to drag the names of states over correct state on map. No, your wrong answers do not get marked on the map. Then what’s the catch? A timer starts with the game, and the game will get over as the timer goes off. Your aim is to drag and spot as many correct states as you can. You can view the score too.

This is another game that is good for self practice.

Note: Alaska and Hawaii states are not available in the map for you to spot. Maybe because they are too obvious for anyone to spot.

Go to Map The 50 States here.

The States Of The USA

The States Of The USA is a good map quiz game to learn location of states of USA in a competitive environment. On top of the map, you will get a state name to locate on map. The color of state turns green when you locate correct state in a go. For 2nd or 3rd correct attempt, the state turns light yellow and bright yellow, respectively. For more than 3 incorrect guesses, the correct state turns red, which you will have to click on to move to next state.

On top of the map, the number of remaining, correct, and wrong guesses can be seen. You can also view accuracy percentage along with time taken. You can quit the game whenever you want.

Access this map quiz game here.

The United States Of America

This map quiz game is actually an online SVG file named The United State Of America. In this game, you get the name of a state to locate on a map. Every time you guess a correct answer, you get one point. The points add up for consecutive wins. If you guess a wrong state, the scoring starts all over again. You can view top score for a session along with current score. This is the most challenging game in terms of scores.

Access this game here.

Wrapping Up

All of these games are pretty good and can turn out to be very helpful to learn location of 50 states of USA. Choose one based on your requirements.

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