5 Free Websites to Find Amazon Filler Items

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to find Amazon filler items. All these websites let you find the best Amazon filler items depending on the amount chosen by you. These websites provide you with a wide range of products including the bestsellers and newly released. A few of them also let you choose the category of the product as per your choice. All these website provide a direct link to Amazon’s product description page so that you can complete your shopping easily.

If you are unaware about Amazon filler items, then these are those products which help you in availing the Amazon’s free shipping service. As you might be knowing that Amazon offers free shipping on shopping of $35 or more. So, let’s suppose you buy something which costs $34 then it means, you will have to pay for shipping charges. So these websites will help you discover an extra product worth $1 which you might like and will help you get the free shipping.

So let’s get started with them one by one.

1. Filler Item:

Filler Item

The first website in the list is Amazon Filler Item Finder. It has a simple user interface with a simple text box where you have to enter the amount of Amazon filler items to search. Simply enter the amount and click on Search button. It is not necessary to enter amount by rounding it off, you can also enter amount as $7.56, $5.93, etc.  On the basis of amount entered by you, the website will show you all the available products in a list view with basic HTML layout. There are no cool animations, visual graphics, etc.  Although, the website does mark popular products as bold and most popular products come with an image. Clicking on any product will take you to Amazon from where you can complete the shopping.

2. Filler Checker:

Filler Checker

The second website to find Amazon filler items is Filler Checker. It lets you choose filler items from a total of 38 categories, which ensure that you get an item which you can really use when it gets delivered. The process of searching is simple: Enter the amount, choose the category of product and click on Find It button. On the next page, you will see all the results, with option of choosing whether you want to see 10, 25, 50, or 100 results on a single page.

You can also choose to sort results as increasing/decreasing order of price and alphabetical order. Click on the product you like and that will take you to Amazon to buy that product. In addition to this, the website also provides filler items for Amazon UK store.

3. Filler Item Finder:

Filler Item Finder

Filler Item Finder is the third website to find out filler items for availing free Amazon shipping. This website has 5 main categories: Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Household, Technology, and Other. Each of them has further sub-categories to help you find the product for which you are looking. Depending on your search criteria, you will see a list of all the available items with item name, photo, category, and price. Click the name of the product to buy it from the Amazon.

4. Click Filler:

Click Filler

Click Filler is the next Amzon filler item finder website. It provides you a better control over search process and helps in finding a good product more easily. For searching products, you have to enter price range, search term, and product category. The search results are displayed to you on the basis of all three responses entered by you. The good thing is that this website also lets you choose multiple categories for finding better search results.

For each product, you can check its name, product ratings, number of users who rated it, image and price. You can sort the results on the basis of Low to High/High to Low price, Bestselling on Amazon, most clicked, most discounted, Average customer rating, and number of customer reviews.

Update 2022: Click Filler website doesn’t exist anymore. We recommend you to try Cheap Filler website instead.

5. Cool Amazon Filler Items:

Cool Amazon Filler Items

The last website in the list is Cool Amazon Filler Items. This website doesn’t provide options like all others mentioned above. It doesn’t have option to enter the amount, choose the category etc. It simply has option to select category: Less than $5, Less than $10, Less than $15, and Less than $20. Choosing the option, you will see all the products with their image, product description, price, and and an option to add them to your shopping cart as the Amazon filler item.

With this, It’s time to wrap up this list of 5 free website to find Amazon filler items. Don’t forget to check out these websites while shopping anything on Amazon, you might just get free Amazon shipping.

Update 2022: Cool Amazon Filler Items website doesn’t exist anymore. We recommend you to try Cheap Filler website instead.

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