3 Free Apps Or Web App To Learn Pronunciation

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Here, are 3 free apps or web app to learn pronunciation. If you are not able to correctly pronounce certain words in English, then it’s a big problem which may become a bad habit and may affect your career. So it’s better, if you overcome that bad habit as soon as possible. These below reviewed tools will surely help you in learning pronunciation. In this featured post you will find an Android app, an iOS app, and a web application that will make you learn pronunciation in the best possible way. With the help of these free apps one can easily learn pronunciation correctly with correct symbols and correct sounds.

Sounds: The Pronunciation App Free

Sounds to learn pronunciation

Sounds is a completely free pronunciation app to learn pronunciation on any of your Apple devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad running iOS 4.0 or later. This free pronunciation app comes with a Chart, Practice Taster, Quiz Taster, and More option. The Chart basically displays phonetic symbols with sounds of English language. So one can easily learn different sounds used in English language and can easily speak all the words in the English dictionary. For listening a sound of a phonetic symbol, you need to tap the symbol. For listening the sound along with word that represent the sound, you need to tap and hold on the phonetic symbol. Practice Taster and Quiz Taster lets you perform any of the pronunciation learning exercises like Write, Read, and Listen. The Good part is that initially when you launch this application, it asks you to choose English language between US English or British English. So you can choose the desired one and learn pronunciation accordingly. Go ahead and give it a try for free from your iTunes. Also, check out the full review by us on Sounds app for iPhone.

Sounds: Pronunciation App FREE

Sounds app for Android devices to learn pronunciation is the same app that we discussed above, but here its for Android devices. This Android pronunciation app lets you learn the word pronunciation in a simple way. You can learn pronunciation of the word by reading, writing, and listening. To listen to a word, just long press on the letter and the app will pronounce the letter with an example starting with that letter. To toggle the app to full screen mode, just rotate your Android device to landscape mode and you are done with it. The leaning is divided into three parts which include chart, practice paper, and quiz taster. Go ahead and install this app to your Android device in order to learn pronunciation in the best possible way.


Update 2022: This website doesn’t exist anymore. We recommend you use howjsay instead.

AccentSchool.com is a website that helps you to learn pronunciation in a simple way. This website basically offers an online software to improve or enhance you accent in English language. This online accent improving service appears like a book which comes with orange buttons for previous and next functionality. Click the forward arrow orange button for viewing the next page and click the back arrow orange button to view the previous page. This online accent improving software offer explanations, several activities, audio recordings and video tutorials to improve your accent. So you can refer those explanations and participate in the activities to enhance your accent.

In addition, this free tool to learn pronunciation comes with 4 buttons representing help and FAQs, voice forums, student notebook and close & save, at the top right corner of the software window. Student notebook is an amazing feature as it lets you print the exercises to learn pronunciation and do it away from your computer. There’s lot more to explore, give it a try and learn pronunciation in a fun way.

So, these are few apps which will really help you in learning pronunciation. Go ahead and try these apps at least once, for sure you will learn something out of them.

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