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Piggydb is a free web notebook application which will help you organize knowledge. Whether you are a researcher, student, businessman or teacher organizing your data online has never been better than this. It will not only help you to organize but also to collaborate with others.


The internet is a big library of information. On the other hand it is the big trashcan of information too. Because there are so much unnecessary information there everyone has to face some trouble to keep all the necessary information near at hand. Copying and pasting them to web documents might be a solution for that but that will be very temporary and when you are dealing with huge amount of data you will not be able to do that in this way. Here comes the necessity of Piggydb. Don’t confuse it with any database applications which are used for only data input and search functions. It will help you organize your data and you will be able to gather data continuously which will be arranged at the best way. Using this free web notebook application regularly will create a good habit of continuous discovery of ideas and arrange them for future necessity.

To start with Piggydb at first you will have to create knowledge fragments on any topic you wish and then organize the fragments with fragment relationships.  You can also add tags to your knowledge fragments to make it easily searchable with keywords or phrases. There are many ways to keep them interlinked. You can embed from one webpage to other in the knowledge fragments. The tags can be created maintaining a hierarchy to be used when adding new fragments. Another great big advantage of this free web notebook application is the ability to collaborate between users. The organization of knowledge can be both personal or shared. Adding users to a knowledge organization is easy and you can also let unauthenticated users to view and edit knowledge fragments.

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Features of Piggydb:

  • Organized knowledge: Piggydb is a complete new way of gathering and organizing data for both studies and research offering continuous organization.
  • Personal or collaborated: You can either work personally or work in small groups to organize fragments
  • Searchable fragments:  The knowledge fragments are searchable via text searches.

Download Piggydb the free web notebook application free.

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Works With: Windows and Mac OS X
Free/Paid: Free

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