Estimate Keyword Revenue Online with these Free Tools

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In this post, I will talk about some free online tool to estimate keyword revenue. Using these websites, you can find out how much you will be able to run if you use them in your blogs, websites, or web apps. These websites are like keyword search tools where you enter a desired keyword and get the CPC and volume. The websites mentioned here work in similar fashion but they also give you an estimate of how much revenue you can generate using a certain keyword.

If you are a publisher and have good traffic on your website, then you can now get an idea about how much you can earn. I have added 4 such websites that you can use and all they need is keyword and search volume and ranking data. In order to refine the results, on some websites, you can also specify the click-through rate and average revenue per click. Then you will have the best results for every position of search results your website is ranking.

Estimate Keyword Revenue Online with these 4 Free Tools

Keyword Traffic and Revenue Estimator

Keyword Traffic and Revenue Estimator

This (homepage) is one of the best free websites that you can use to calculate keyword revenue. Here it takes all the aspects of traffic that your website is receiving and then generates an estimate of revenue based on that. Basically, it asks for 3 parameters which are keyword volume, percentage of mobile traffic, and an optional parameter for revenue per visitor that you may be getting. After you give these details, it will generate a table of revenue that you can earn according to the different position of your website on the search engine.

For now, there is no sign up or registration required in order to use this website. Reach the main homepage of this calculator from the above link and start using it right away. Enter all the details that it asks. It will not automatically calculate the keyword volume. So, you will have to use keyword search tools to get an accurate value. After that, you specify the other parameters and hit the “Get Traffic Estimate” button. It will now generate the total results in terms of revenue.

SEO ROI Calculator

SEO ROI Calculator upgrowth

SEO ROI Calculator by upGrowth is another free online tool that you can use to calculate how much you can earn by using keywords. Depending on their search volume and the amount of traffic that you are getting on your website, this tool will give you an estimate. Just like the website above, here it asks to enter some parameters and then generate the final results. In the process, it automatically calculates total site traffic, expected traffic and total conversions. And in the end, it uses this information to show you the final results in terms of money.

Here, this website does not ask you to sign up or register in order to use the SEO ROI calculator. Just access this tool from the link above and then simply start entering the correct information there. Keep inserting the right values for number of keywords, search volume, and percentage of site visits. After specifying all these, just click on Calculate and it will generate an estimate for the revenue. This is as simple as that. However, do note that it generates the final result in INR. So, you will have to use a currency converter to convert that to other forms.


BrightEdge Keyword Revenue Checker

BrightEdge has an Organic Search ROI Opportunity Calculator that allows you to estimate revenue based on organic search in the USA. Just like the website above, it asks for some parameters from you and then generates a final result. All you need is to specify the values for parameters such as current US non-brand organic search traffic, US non-brand query volume, estimated conversion rate, etc. After that, it analyzes your inputs and generates an estimate of how much you can earn based on those traffic stats.

Use this tool from the above link and then start using it to get an estimate. You can easily get the search and traffic stats from Google Analytics or Google Search Console. After that, you just enter them on this website and let it take care of the rest. After all done, simply click on Calculate to see the US monthly profit opportunity. The amount is calculated based on different parameters and different stats will give different output.

Blue Fox

Blue Fox SEO Revenue Calculator

Blue Fox is an advertising agency that offers a free SEO Revenue Calculator for you to use. Using this, you can find out how much money you can make by using a certain keyword on your website or blog. Here it takes parameters such as keyword itself, its search volume, average CTR, and revenue per sale or conversion that you are getting. After taking these parameters, it gives you an estimation based on what rank your website is on SERP.

Just like other tools in this list, you use it in the same way. Access this tool from the link above and then enter all the required parameters there. Make sure that you enter all the details correctly. Finally, you hit the Calculate button and then it will generate the estimation result for you. This is as simple as that and you can keep using this tool in this way every time you need it.

Closing thoughts:

If you are a publisher or seller and not sure what keywords to use in order to get high revenue, then the tools I have mentioned here will help you. All you need to do is just give them details about the keyword parameters such as search volume and traffic. And these will generate an estimated revenue amount that you can earn. However, just keep in mind that the results generated by all the tools are only indicative. The actual results that you get may vary.

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