5 Free Currency Converter Software

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Here is the list of 5 free currency converter software.

These software are helpful to quickly check the exchange rates of multiple currencies. All these software keep updating the exchanged rates, so you will get the latest and current exchange rates with a slight delay. Apart from their main task, these software provides different interesting features as well. Many of these software are portable. Many of the software support a lot of currencies, provide calculator, let you export results to PC, etc.

Lets start with the first free currency converter software of this list.

Portable Currency Converter

Portable Currency Converter software

This is my favorite currency converter software. It supports more than 150 currencies, which is simply a huge number. No other software in this list supports so many currencies.

You can select domestic and foreign currency, enter the amount, and see the output. It fetches exchange rate from Yahoo! finance and you can also update the exchange rate information, whenever needed.

As its name suggests, it is also a portable software. It is the most lightweight software in this list, just 18 KB in size. There are no extra features, but it does its work very well.


Qonverter- interfaceQonverter (alpha) is another interesting currency converter in this list. It provides a simple interface and supports more than 30 currencies for conversion. From EUR to INR, USD to GBP, etc, you can quickly find the latest currency exchange rates. It also lets you update definitions (from European Central Bank).

Apart from this, it provides an advanced scientific calculator that you can use to solve complex mathematical expressions. That calculator comes with syntax highlighting feature and also stores history.

Another handy feature of this software is that you can use it as ‘Unit Converter‘ software. So, three different tasks are supported in this software. Using its unit converter feature, you can select any available parameter (Angle, Area, Density, Force, Frequency, etc.) and convert it into desired output format.

It is a portable software and size of its zip archive is 20 MB.

Check full review.


cConverter- interface

cConverter is another handy currency converter software in this list. It shows exchange rate of a particular currency to multiple currencies. You just need to enter the amount and input currency to generate the results. You can also export data to PC as CSV file to use later.

Apart from automatically converting currency of a particular country with multiple countries, you can also select Quick Converter option (one to one conversion). This helps to select input and output currencies and start the conversion.

It comes as portable jar file which is very lightweight (only 196 KB). While running it for the first time, it will prompt you to update the currency list, so that it will show the correct results. However, you can also enable ‘Automatic update’ option.


FinanceCalc- interface

FinanceCalc is also a useful currency converter software that provides a graph to check the daily exchange rates of multiple currencies. Apart from this, it also provides feature to select input currency, enter amount, and set output currency to check the exchange rate.

Apart from this main task, this software is helpful to check exchange rate history and line chart of history rates. So, you will be able to compare exchange rates between two different dates.

Its setup file is around 1 MB in size and it requires Adobe Air to install and work successfully.


CurrencyCalc- interface

CurrencyCalculator (also known as CurrencyCalc) is the last and simplest software in this list. It doesn’t provide multiple features and is helpful to convert only few currencies. It can show exchange rates for AUD, GBP, RUB, USD, and EUR currencies only.

Its interface is good-looking and doesn’t require any configurations. Simply enter the amount, select output and input currencies, and generate the result. Its setup file is around 5 MB in size.


I will personally recommend you to go with the first software in this list. It supports a lot of currencies and is the most lightweight software in this list. Other software are also good and come with their unique features.

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