5 Best Free Blogging Clients

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Here I present 5 best free blogging clients.  These free blogging tools make blogging an extremely pleasurable experience.

A blogging client is a tool that mostly runs on your desktop which lets you create a blog article and post it onto your blog through certain interfacing. In other words it allows you to write your posts even when you are off-line and you can post it anytime when you go online next.

Here are the best free blogging clients.

1. Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is one of the best blogging client software freely available. You can add and share your thoughts, photos and videos on any web log service such as Blogger, TypePad, WordPress etc. The package includes an IM feature too.

Some of the features of Windows Writer include multiple platform supporting, API Customization, spell checking, adding tags, support for PicasaWeb & Flickr and many more. Just download and install Windows Live Writer and within 2 minutes you can avail all these features to write a great blog post.

If you are customizing your blog with Writer, then you can view your article in your blog’s background theme and can have the exact look-and-feel. Through the older version of the software looked pretty slow in uploading videos, the latest version have managed to avoid that.

Only grudge that I have with Windows Live Writer is that it does not works on Linux, even when using Wine.

Try out Windows Live Writer tool for free here.


Thingamablog is free open source blogging client that allows you to feed your blog article in a local drive and upload it to your web log. You just need FTP, SFTP, or network access to your blog.

The software is very easy to set up and supports a list of features. It has the ability to maintain multiple blogs, and can import blogger templates for you. That provides you an option to choose from several professional template designs. It has an integrated feed reader interface which helps you to keep track of your feeds.

Write your blog entries offline and have a neatly organized overview of your blogs through Thingamablog without any hassles.

3. BlogDesk

BlogDesk is another offline weblog client which makes writing and publishing new blog entries a breeze.

Installing BlogDesk is just as easy as it is. Just save the installation file and execute it. The software has a WYSIWIG editor that will display your content in the exact same way as how it will look in your blog post.

The tool has a wonderful image wizard feature that makes adding and resizing your images and backgrounds quite easy. You can add categories, tags, links etc to your offline blog post. The best part is that the tool automatically uploads all your images and videos once you publish your post.

A great feature of BlogDesk is that it lets you create custom categories in your post, which comes very helpful if you regularly use custom categories in your posts.

BlogDesk is a great piece of software for professional bloggers but it’s only compatible in Windows platform. Reach BlogDesk through the link provided.

4. ScribeFire

ScribeFire is a fully featured Firefox plugin to create blog posts. Scribefire integrates with your web browser and you can drag and drop text from the pages that you are browsing. It supports multiple blog posts, inserting images, videos etc.

It’s very easy to install and you will find yourself using it in a moment. As you install the tool, a little toolbar sits at the bottom of your Firefox browser. Click on it and you can open up ScribeFire free blog editor integrated with your browser.

ScribeFire needs you to be online to work with. Through the ‘page tools’ you can get Technorati information about the page you are on. You can also post your entry at your Del.icio.usaccount if you need. Reach ScribeFire by following the link.

5. Blogilo (Bilbo)

Blogilo is yet another free ware which makes blogging very simple. Blogilo is a KDE blogging client. Some of the features of Blogilo include previewing your blog post in your blog style, managing multiple blogs, easy creating editing deleting posts, uploading media files, auto spell checker etc.

Setting up Blogilo is very easy and just click the ‘Blog’ option in the main menu followed by ‘Add Blog’ and you get started with your new blog entry. Blogilo supports Blogger 1.0, MetaWeblog, MovableType, WordPress and Google GData APIs.

You can directly reach Blogilo through the link.

Some other popular free blogging clients are: Qumana, Zoundry Blog Writer, Flock, and W.Bloggar.


Blogging is fun. But the complexity increases and easiness go off as you approach blogging from a professional view point. These free blogging clients have a great deal to help you make blogging simple and convenient. Try it out.

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