5 Best Quit Drinking Apps for Android Free

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In this article, we’re going to look at the top 5 alcohol addiction recovery apps available on Google Playstore. We’re going to discuss their features, their pros and cons, and I’ll also reveal what’s my favorite app to quit alcohol.

Addiction can ruin someone’s life. Alcohol addiction in particular is deadly. Thousands of people all across the globe lose their lives every year due to alcohol addiction.

Using an app to quit alcohol is like having an accountability partner. It’ll take care of your streaks and provide you all the tools in order to quit alcohol.

1. Sobriety Counter- Stop Drinking (Easy Quit)

Sobriety Counter- Stop Drinking(EasyQuit)

This app shows you the time you’ve been sober (abstinence time), the time and money you’ve saved by giving up alcohol. You will need to input the cost of 1 bottle of alcohol, how many bottles do you consume daily/weekly, how much time do you spend daily/weekly on drinking. Based on these stats, it shows you how much money and time you’ve saved by giving up alcohol, which further motivates you to stay away from alcohol.

While quitting any addiction, you’ll get a lot of urges to get back to your old habits. It’s important that you resist those urges. This app has “Beat an Urge” feature which lets you play a game to beat your urges. The goal with the game is to keep you busy, so your mind doesn’t give in to the urges. Urges are only temporary, so if you can resist urges for sometimes, they’ll go away.

This app also has a “Drinks Passed” option in which you can input how many drinks were offered to you, but you refused. By looking at the no. of times you’ve refused drinks, you’ll feel motivated to keep refusing drinks.

We all know that alcohol takes away years from your life, and giving up alcohol can increase your lifespan. This app shows you how much lifetime you’ve regained by quitting alcohol, which in my opinion, is the biggest motivator to stay away from alcohol.

This app also gives you badges according to your sobriety streak. Those badges also act as a motivator to stay away from alcohol.

It also has “Quit Slowly” feature, which is beneficial if you don’t want to quit cold-turkey and want to reduce your alcohol intake gradually. You can set your goal for weekly drinks and make sure you don’t exceed the goal set by you. Every time you drink and input that in the app, this tool shows you how closer you are from your weekly drinking goal.

This app also allows you to track and eliminate your triggers/cravings. You can set your triggers and work on eliminating those triggers.

2. Quit Drinking- Stay Sober

Quit Drinking- Stay Sober

This app also tracks your progress, the time and money saved, and lifetime regained because of giving up alcohol.

Like the previous app, this app also allocates you trophies according to your sobriety streak, and it also has a diary feature. You can also add and buy treats from money saved.

This app also has a “Health” section which tracks your health improvements with progress and statistics. You can also add various reasons behind quitting alcohol and go back to look at those reasons when urges hit.

You can also record your urges and mood in diary.

3. Quitzilla: Sobriety Counter & Bad Habits


The cool thing about Quitzilla is that you can use it to quit multiple addictions and bad habits, not just alcohol addiction.

In the free version of the app, you can add 2 addiction/bad habits while in the paid version, you can add as many as you like.

Like the previously mentioned apps, this will show you abstinence time, money and time saved. You can also add money to this app and reward yourself for your progress by spending that money on movie ticket, picnic ticket, food, etc.

You can also add your reasons behind quitting alcohol and this app also motivates you by allocating badges according to your sobriety streak.

4. I Am Sober

I Am Sober

Like previously mentioned apps, this app also shows abstinence time, time and money saved. This app also shows you how many calories you’ve avoided by giving up alcohol.

Other than that, this tool also has a “Pledge” feature, which allows you to build new habits. You can pledge for something, which means you can set a task and when you complete that task and fulfill your pledge, you’re going to unlock a badge. The badge is to motivate you to complete your pledges.

The biggest feature in this app is that there is a community of recovering addicts, which other apps don’t have. In the “community” section, anyone can go and post their struggles and achievements. The community there is very engaging, and you can post your struggles and receive advice from other people who are also on the same path as you.

If you have any question about quitting alcohol, just post it in the community and many people will gladly help you. This makes you feel that other people are rooting for you, and it makes your recovery a bit easier.

You can also share your sobriety streak with others through Gmail, WhatsApp, Message, etc.

Also, there is an option of online therapy, which allows you to consult with a licensed professional therapist online. Getting professional help makes it significantly easier to quit any addiction. They have a partnership with BetterHelp which is a reliable online therapy platform. This feature is also unique to this app.

This app also has a “Treatment Centers” option which shows you all the nearby rehab centers.

5. Stop Drinking- Sobriety Counter

Stop Drinking- Sobriety Counter

This is a pretty basic app, it doesn’t have many features. It’ll show you abstinence period, time and money saved.

Also, this has some tips to quit alcohol and gives you badges according to your sobriety streak.

If you don’t want many features and just want to know your sobriety streak, time and money saved, go for this app. This app has a simple user interface and is easy to use.


All these apps are useful and will keep you accountable in your journey of quitting alcohol. My favorite app is “I Am Sober”. The community feature and the option to consult with a licensed professional is unique to this app, which makes it more useful than others apps.

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