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TED – Ideas Worth Spreading is a free official TED app for Windows 8. As we know, TED is a  global set of conferences owned by Sapling Foundation. You can explore the TED inspiring talks directly through your Windows 8 PC using this official TED app. This app also lets you download TED videos for free. It covers inspiring talks/discussions based on topics like: Education, Business, Technology, Entertainment, etc. You will get almost all the contents of the website within this app.

This official app of TED for Windows 8 contains more than 1700 TED talk videos by famous personalities of relevant fields, like: Bill Clinton, David Kwong, Arthur Benjamin, Dan Gilbert, and many other famous personalities.  The app provides a new talk everyday. If you have missed any talk of the TED conference, then you can easily follow that with this app. You can even download any video through this app, but the downloading link opens in your default browser.


The app has some popular Playlists and Latest Stories as well (as in website). You can even apply to participate in upcoming conference of TED within the app. If you want to receive newsletter from TED, then you can register (free) as well.

Following TED Talks With Official TED App For Windows 8:

You can get official TED app free from Windows Store by using the link given at the end of this review.

After launching the app, you will get some of the latest and featured TED talk videos. Scroll right to access more videos. The videos are divided into three different categories: Newest Releases, Most Viewed, and Full Library. Click on any category to explore videos.

In each category, you can filter the results on the basis of 4 things: Topics (like: technology, entertainment, designs, global issues, etc), Events (like: TED 2014, TED Global 2013, TED 2013, etc.), Languages (like: English, Spanish, French, etc.), and Ratings (like: Informative, Funny, beautiful, Courageous, etc.).


You can even sort the resultant videos on the basis of Newest and Most Viewed.

Click on any video to watch or to download it.



Click on the play button to start the video. You can also check the Transcript of the video. You can toggle the video to full screen as well.

TED-Transcript and video

How to Download TED videos in Windows 8:

To download the TED video, click on download button. The downloading link opens in default browser. The video is downloaded in MP4 format.

Below the videos, on the homepage of the app, you will find two different categories: Popular Playlists and Latest Stories.

TED-Playlists and Stories

Popular Playlist contains more than five videos merged within single video. All the videos are relevant to each other, like: World Cup: 10 talks for sports fans, Amazing tales of wild animals (8 talks), The mystery of love (10 talks), 11 talks to watch with kids, etc. To watch any playlist,click on it.

You will be redirected to a page within the app from where you can watch videos, see recommendations relevant to your choice, and the details of talks that are included  within the playlist.


Additionally, you can share the link of that particular video using mail, Twitter, and Facebook. The share button launches the sharer page of the TED’s official website in your default browser.

Latest Stories contains articles/opinions written by famous personalities, like: Helen Walters, Laura McClure, Thu-Huong Ha, etc. 

Also try official The Huffington Post app for Windows 8.


TED is an official TED app for Windows 8. The app has a clean interface and you can easily track the TED latest or previous talks with this elegant app. You can even download any share any TED talks. If you don’t want to miss any of the TED talks, then you should download this official app in your Windows 8 PC.

Get TED here.

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