Free Windows 8 Pinball Game: Pinball FX2

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Pinball FX2 is a Windows 8 Pinball game available for free download. Play the classic popular pinball game on Windows 8 too. This Windows 8 Pinball game is available in the games section of Windows 8 app store.

Pinball is a classic game designed in the 80’s and is still the favorite game of many people. This game can be played by any age group because of it’s simplicity. Many forms of Pinball games have come into existence and now Pinball is available for every platform like: Pinball for Android and Pinball for iOS devices. Now, Pinball is available for Windows 8 too.

windows 8 pinball

Storyline of Pinball FX2:

Pinball FX2 is an amazing Windows 8 Pinball app. Pinball was always included in Windows OS; but now Pinball is available in Windows store and the download size of this app is 123 MB. The aim of this game is just to make high scores.

In Pinball FX2 you have just one board in this free version. It is called Mars and your mission is to reveal the secrets of the red planet. You are sent in a human manned mission to Mars and you have to score high to dig deep into the secrets of the planet. Though the story looks so promising, there is no action involved; you just have to score high.

In this Windows 8 pinball app, there is multiplayer option too for up to 4 players. You have to take turns with your friends after your board is completed. So, can have fun playing with your friends also.

windows 8 pinball app

Details Of Windows 8 Pinball App:

Pinball is back and in a better way. As soon as you launch the app, you will see the home screen like shown above. Click on Mars  option to start playing the board, there you can choose single player or hot seat. In hot seat you can choose two players, three players, or four players option. In the home screen select help and options to see: how to play, controls, settings, and details about the app. The controls are pretty simple: left control key to activate left flipper, right control key to activate right flipper, Left alt to nudge to left, right alt to nudge right, and space to tilt the board. If you want to see description of the game then click on Description and if you want to see achievements, leaderboards, tournaments then you need a login of Xbox account.

Features of Pinball FX2:

The features of Pinball FX2 are:

  • This is a free Windows 8 pinball app.
  • The graphics and board looks amazing.
  • In this pinball game, four players can compete with each other.
  • Good sound effects and voice backgrounds.

pinball fx2

How to Download and Install Pinball FX2:

To download Pinball FX2 click here and open the link in Internet Explorer of Windows 8. Click on View in Windows store option to open the app in Windows 8 app store. Click Install to install the app on your Windows 8. The only backdrop is the game has only one board. You can also try Solitaire for Windows 8.

Have fun playing Pinball on Windows 8 and aim for high scores.

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