JB Music Catalogue: Catalog Entire Music Collection

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JB Music Catalogue is a free software to catalogue your music collection for easy retrieval and effective management of music collection. The application supports various file formats and you can add any new formats of your choice and maintain your collection with this easy to use application.

Maintain music albums and add useful info about the videos and audios that would help you in easy recognition and easy retrieval. If the albums having same songs have been added in your catalogue, than you can link them to avoid duplicate files. By linking them the same songs will be in the folder along with the songs that are not common. This saves your time when you want to hunt for particular song and you have more than one album containing the song.

JB Music Catalogue

The free catalogue will help you to maintain your collection with information and you can create printed copy of the list of collection you have. This feature will help you to determine the music you have in collection, the newly added ones and which are missing. Also get customizable reports of the collection with this freeware. You can export the reports in PDF and excel sheets for easy printing. You can also read HomePipe, MusicBee, and MP3Tunes for storing and managing your music online.

The catalogue has in-built audio player that lets you play audio files. The player is fully equipped with the features that it should bore. You can create play lists and wish list with the catalogue player. You can hear your music while browsing through your catalogue, thus if there are folders which you don’t know what they contain, this is a easy way to find out. You don’t need external application for listening and enjoying your music on your laptops.

The catalogue will also let you import lyrics file from your system or downloaded file from Internet so that you can enjoy the lyrics of the songs you play. Also add album picture of the music stars if you like or import album art from your album folder. You can add multiple pictures for each album and artist. View all pictures full size for better clarity. You can also read Personal Video Database for managing your video collection.

You can add discography of the artist you like and this catalogue will present you all the info input to you all the time. The interface is divided into three parts. The main window scroll will give you filtered result of your specifications with detailed overview of the album. The upper part of the scroll will show you full size picture of the album. The left side window pane will list albums in alphabetical order for easy sorting and retrieval.

JB Music Catalogue interface is very simple to use. Best part is that it is free to use. For people who love music this will be a great application.

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