Scrollmap: Firefox Addon To View Entire Page Content without Scrolling

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Scrollmap is a completely free Firefox extension that enables you to go through a page’s content more quickly by showing a minimap. The extension shows a small map of the current page you’re on in one corner of the screen. You can easily go through the content of the page through it. The extension also highlights your current position on the page.

Scrollmap provides you a replacement for scrollbar. You keep scrolling vertically up and down on a page that takes a lot of unnecessary time. This Firefox extension allows you to look at a compressed map of the page and easily saves you a lot of precious time. It has some other positives as well that we shall talk about in detail through the course of this article.

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To add this extension to your Firefox browser, you can click on the link given at the end of the article.

How Does Scrollmap Works?

The software does not contain any options menu or something. You just have to add it to your bowser and view the minimap. Once you add and open a new page, you will see the map of that page on the right side. This position cannot be changed by you. You can scroll up and down on the minimap and directly visit the area you want to visit. Scrollmap is also smart enough to not appear on pages where its not required. If a page is fully visible on your screen, Scrollmap will not show up.


Scrollmap has a couple of important positive points about it. First of all, it saves you a considerable amount of time that is normally wasted while scrolling up and down. You can smoothly visit any part of the page. Secondly it also prevents you from visiting unnecessary parts of any page. You can see the content of the page in the map and visit only those parts that seem to be important. Apart from these two time saving functions that this extension lets you perform, it also looks very stylish. The minimap looks really cool.

Features Of This Firefox Extension

  • Saves a lot of time
  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Looks quite Stylish
  • Highlights your current position on a page
  • Shows a small map of the entire page
  • Does not appear if a page is completely visible on screen

Final Verdict For Scrollmap

Scrollmap is a good and useful extension without any doubt and should be limited to only just one browser. It is surely a great time saving alternative for scrollbar. I just wish that it is upgraded and couple of good features are added to it. An option to alter map size and location will be a welcome addition.

You can try out this Firefox extension from here!

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