Piano App For Chrome To Learn Piano: Color Piano!

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Color Piano! is a piano app available for Google Chrome that lets you learn scales, chords, and more in piano. In simple means, you can learn piano easily. The unique thing about Color Piano! is that you can easily learn which key is meant for which purpose because of the unique color code association with each key. This will help you to memorize keys in a fast manner. You can also play music files (piano MIDI files) in this piano app. After that you can learn how to play them correctly. It’s a simulation view of real piano. Even you can slow down or fasten the speed of playing music according to your need.

It is one of the easiest way to learn piano. Start from the beginning, learn each and every chord easily, octaves, key signatures etc. There is a lot to do with this piano app. No need to go for piano classes and spend money for this. Just add it, use it, and learn piano for free. And the even good thing in this handy piano app is that it runs in offline mode i.e. internet connection is not required.

Color Piano! 001 piano app

Key Features of Color Piano!:

  • Learn Piano in an easy manner.
  • Easy to learn chords, scales, inversions of piano.
  • Color association for each key.
  • Easy to add piano MIDI files using drag-n-drop facility.
  • Play music files, adjust their speeds, and learn how to play them.
  • No need to spend money for learning piano.
  • Free to use for Google Chrome.

Color Piano! 002 piano app

How To Use This Piano App?

It is one of the easy to use app. Simply add this piano app on your Google Chrome with this given link. Go through this link and add it to your Chrome browser. Just after adding this useful app, open it from new tab. It will provide you its interface where you will find piano keys, key signatures, chords, octaves, and inversions (see the above given screenshot). Use them according to your easiness. Press keys with the help of mouse or else you can use keyboard too. Hold shift+press mouse to play a chord.

You will find colors available for different keys. Long the key will be pressed, long-range of color bar you will find. This will help you to easily memorize the keys. Start learning and playing piano in a pleasant environment of this piano app.

Select Music To Play and Learn:

At the top right side of its interface, you will find piano player mode option. This option will let you select desired mode of this piano app (for color bars to fall either from downside up or from up to down). Just beside this player mode option, there is Toggle File Browser option present (see the below given screenshot). This option provides you bunch of music files available in it. You can play them or even download them. Just select a desired music to play.

Color Piano! 003 piano app

After selecting a specific music, it will start playing on this piano app. You can easily view the keys (A, B, C, G#, C# etc.) and falling colors from those keys. This way, you will remember which key is meant for which sound. For changing the music, use the available next or previous buttons.

Color Piano! 004 piano app

In addition to it, if you want to adjust the speed of music, then go to settings. It is available just next to player mode option.

Color Piano is really a handy app available free for you to learn and play piano. Explore and expand your piano skills using Color Piano!

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Works With: Google Chrome
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