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Synthesys X is a wonderful AI-based Google Chrome Extension that scrutinizes the elements, objects and patterns in any picture and generates their unique variations. These image variations match with the original in terms of their similarity and relevance to the objects and patterns that were found in the original image.

The extension is absolutely free and you do not need to register or login to any applications or websites. One of the best things about Synthesys is that there is no need for you to provide any prompts or text inputs to generate the variations as is generally observed with AI-based image generators. The extension allows you to create the image variations of any picture that you find online using nothing but a single click.

The original image is neither manipulated nor reproduced, only a legitimate variation is generated. Technically, the AI code of Synthesys analyzes the image and converts it into text and then variations of the image are created based on the text input. Due to this, the extension is able to generate distinct and unique images without manipulating the original.

All the copyrights to the images that are generated by Synthesys are exclusively held by you and you can share or use them wherever you desire.

How it Works:

1. Download and Install the Synthesys X Extension using the link that we have provided at the end of this article.

2. Navigate to the website containing the image whose variations you want to generate. Right click the image and then click on ‘Revisualize this image’.

Revisualize the image

3. Wait for a couple of seconds for Synthesys X to process and evaluate the source image. Once this is done two image variations will be displayed in a panel towards the right of the Chrome browser. If you aren’t satisfied with the output you can click on ‘Try Again’ and the extension will again display a pair of new image variations.

Image Variations 1

Image Variations 2

4. To download the image to your computer, click on the ‘Download’ button that is visible once you hover your mouse cursor over the image. The image is downloaded in the PNG format with size of 512 x 512 pixels.

Closing Thoughts:

I feel that Synthesys X is an amazing tool for graphic designers, creative artists or practically anyone who requires to create one of a kind image variations of existing online pictures without any text prompts. Since the images generated by this extension are 100% owned by you, there is no restriction to their sharing and usage. Start rolling out your creations with ease and confidence.

Click here to download Synthesys X.

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