Free Software To Find All Device Drivers Installed in PC, Generate Report

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InstalledDriverList is a free software to list all the drivers installed in your system.  The application displays various information regarding the drivers, like: their name, description, type, group, etc. If the driver happens to be running on Windows kernel, then you get to know the memory size, load count, end address, and base memory address.

This software lets you generate a list of all the device drivers. It also lets you export the list in form of HTML, so that you can keep a list of installed drivers handy.


One of the things which makes this software stand out from other similar software is that it requires no installation and the moment you run the software you are given all the details.

Do note that the software only lists installed drivers. It cannot be used to install missing drivers or backup installed drivers.

How to use InstalledDriverList:

The software can be downloaded using the link given at the end of this review. You will get a ZIP file when the software has been downloaded. On extracting the ZIP file you will get InstalledDriverList.exe. When you run the .EXE file you will get a screen like the one below but without any drivers. The application takes a few seconds to get the list of installed drivers.


You can also find options to generate HTML report of the all or selected rows. The HTML report is saved in the same folder where InstalledDriverList.exe is located.

The image below describes what the various tools in toolbar are for:


The File menu allows you to save selected items/ rows from the report. Clicking on “Properties” after selecting a particular row will list all the details mentioned in the row in a single dialog box.

In the driver list you can see three different types of colors beside the driver name.


The meaning of the the three different colors are:

  • Yellow: The driver is not running on Windows kernel but is present in the system.
  • Green: The driver is running on Windows kernel.
  • Red: The driver is not running on Windows kernel but it should be loaded in at the time of Windows startup. It can also mean that something is wrong with the driver.

The following is the list of details of the drivers given by the system:

  • Driver Name
  • Display Name
  • Description
  • Startup Type (System/ Boot/ Manual)
  • Driver Type (Kernel/ File System)
  • Error Control
  • Group
  • Filename
  • Driver File Type
  • File Created Time
  • File Modified Time
  • File Size
  • File Description
  • File Version
  • File Company
  • File Product Name
  • Load Count
  • In some cases Base Memory Address, End Address And Memory Size is also displayed


InstalledDriverList is a great software which allows us to know about the drivers installed in a system. The best part of the software is simply run the software and you will have the list of all the installed drivers.

Get InstalledDriverList here.

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