WatZatSong: A Music Community for Naming Audio Samples

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WatZatSong is an online community for music lovers where a user can name song titles and contributing artists. You will find thousands of popular as well as unfamiliar songs/artists! Listen to audio clips, posted by users, and if you know the title of the song or the artist, simply name them in the answer section. You can also post an audio sample/clip for other users to identify the song or the artist.

WatZatSong is a great website, where you will find more than 8,000 audio entries. It is a great platform for discovering new songs or artists which are unheard of! The audio samples comprise all genres of music. The site exists as a result of the collaborative effort of the users and the enthusiasm for music as a whole.

WatZatSong Main Page

How does WatZatSong work?

WatZatSong has a clean UI and is straight to the point. The site has one main purpose– to list down thousands of audio samples for the users to identify. Members of this community are music enthusiast, who are ready to share their knowledge related to music and artists.

Lets start by creating an account on WatZatSong (You don’t need an account for browsing through and listening to the audio samples). Once you are signed in, you will have access to features like posting an audio sample of your own, and naming an audio sample posted by others!

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You will find more than 8,000 entries, encompassing a wide range of music styles! Now, you can browse through the list and discover new artists and songs. Against each song, you can see the number of answers guessed by users as well as the number of users currently listening to the audio sample!

If you know the title of a song and its contributing artist, simply click on Answer to name the song and the artist. Then click Confirm to send your proposal! There is also a comment section where users can add comments or their personal opinion regarding the answer you have given, or anything related to the audio sample.

WatZatSong Name Song Title and Artist

Now, if you go to your profile section, you will see details of your activities in WatZatSong. The proposal (answer) that I have submitted is shown as pending and is yet to be approved (apparently by the user who posted it). You can also see the number of samples, samples named and comments posted by you!

WatZatSong User Profile

Other users can agree or disagree with your answers by giving up a thumbs up or thumbs down! And they can add their own song title and artist name in the same manner! Similarly, you can also agree, disagree or rename title and artist name given by another user. Your answer will be approved if it is correct and accurate!

WatZatSong Recently Named Songs

On the right hand side, you will find a list of audio samples which has been recently named by users. You can also expand the list by clicking on See All. You will see the name of the user who gave the correct answer, and the user who posted the audio sample. Below it, you can also see the recent activities of the users.

WatZatSong Recent User Activities

Posting an Audio Sample on WatZatSong

Once you become a member of the community, you can upload your own audio sample for other users to identify! Simply click on Post A Sample to add an audio clip. You can either record or upload an audio sample. Map the clip to the appropriate genre and language. Add a comment if you will! Now, click Confirm. 

WatZatSong Post Audio Sample


WatZatSong is a very interesting community where music enthusiasts collaborate with each other to identify and name songs and their contributing artists. You can contribute your knowledge in music using this platform, and at the same time discover artists and songs that you have never heard of.

Check out WatZatSong.

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