Reference Database for Standard Measurements & Sizes: Dimensions Guide

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Dimensions.Guide is a free website which provides a database of standard measurements and sizes for objects that we use in everyday life. For example, the fixtures we use in our house be it light, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Like kitchen faucet or taps have a standard setup based on the type of faucet. So you can go through this dimensions guide and check which kitchen tap you need to install. Once you locate the tap on this website, simply check out the measurements of the tap and you can implement the same in your design, either on paper or while building something.

Most of everyday objects, spaces, come with some standard size or measurement. This website can be used as a reference guide to know these dimensions.

Let’s look at this website in detail below.

Open the website using the link given at the end of this article. You will see an interface like the one seen in the screenshot above. You will see a basic introduction about what this website is and then a list of different dimensions will follow.

All these dimensions are listed in tile format with a sketched image and name of the category it belongs to. This can be seen in the above screenshot. You can click on the details button given on each tile to read about the dimensions of a particular product in detail.

As you can see in the above screenshot, a standard wine rack dimensions are given along with other details like description, common questions, links, materials, etc.

The four tabs at the top let you browse the website using categories, or tags. Click on the browse or category tab and you will be shown all the categories the products have been put under. This can also be seen in the screenshot above. All the different categories are color coded with a unique color. When you scroll down the page, you will notice that the product mentioned also contain the same color code, to make it easy for your to see which product belongs to which category.

As you can see in the screenshot above, each product on the page is in the color of its respective category. You can click on any and see its dimensions.

In categories you will find categories like humans, animals, plants, furniture, fixtures, transport, sports, digital, etc. Whereas, if you go to the tags page you will see popular terms people use to search something. Like bar, bedroom, bathroom, camping, construction, kitchen, living room, parking, etc.


Dimensions.Guide is a great website for finding dimensions of common objects that we use in our houses, offices, or in everyday life. This website has a good collection of items and you would find dimensions of any object that you are looking for. Most of these objects have a standard size or measurement which is used by everyone. So if you need to know dimensions of any object for your DIY project, then refer to this website.

Check out Dimensions.Guide website here.

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