5 Free Websites to Get DIY Ideas

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to get DIY ideas for experimenting and learning new things. These websites provide DIY ideas across a large number of categories. Large number of categories ensure that no matter you like something seriously or it’s just a hobby, you will easily find good DIY ideas to try at home.

All these websites offer DIY ideas and projects to you either via video or text-based description, and sometimes both. All these methods include step-by-step info guiding you to achieve the desired results. Some of these websites are also like community where you can share your own DIY ideas and share views with others. Let’s get started with all the websites one by one.

1. Makezine:


Makezine is the first website in the list to get DIY ideas. You will find all the DIY ideas categorized in multiple categories under the Projects section. There are 6 main categories: Electronics, Workshop, Craft, Science, Home, and Art & Design. All of these categories have further sub-categories to help you narrow down your search more. All the individual DIY ideas are also categorized on the basis of their difficulty level: Easy, Moderate, and Hard.

For the selected DIY idea, it shows a video tutorial, text-based step by step guide, and detailed info about the main concept behind the idea. You can also read a brief intro of the user who added it along with an option to comment your views about it. Apart from this, Makezine website consists of a forum to discuss ideas, news, videos, events, shop, and a magazine.

2. Tip Nut:

Tip Nut

The second website for you to get DIY ideas for free is Tip Nut. There are 3 categories of the ideas: Project Ideas, Outdoors and Fixes & How-to which further have sub-categories. The unique thing about this website is that it doesn’t show any steps to accomplish the goal on the website. Instead, it redirects you to the original source behind the idea. You can then follow all the steps by reading them from the original source. Besides DIY ideas, Tip Nut also provides cleaning tips, crafts, food, garden & plants, health & beauty, and household tips.

3. Lowes:


The third website in the list is Lowes. This website provides DIY ideas which are focused on home makeover, decorations etc. All the DIY ideas are well categorized and make it easier for you to find out the topics which match your interest. All the subcategories include individual DIY ideas with the steps to do it and a photo to show the final output. You can also comment on DIY idea to share your voice about it.

4. DIY.org:


As the name suggests, DIY.org is all about DIY, DIY, and only DIY. It is mainly focused on kids to share and learn new skills. Here, kids can make a profile and follow other users whose DIY channels they like. You can look for DIY ideas on the basis of skills Art, Athletics, Building, Business, Design, Engineering, and many more. All the DIY skills are shared by users via videos. You can watch the video, like it, and comment on it.

DIY.org also has an iPhone app to learn and share DIY skills on the move. Read full review of app here.

5. Instructables:


Last website in the list is Instructables by Autodesk. You can look for DIY ideas as Featured, Recent, Technology, Workshop, Living, Play, Outside, and Food. For all the DIY ideas, you can see the idea name, creator’s name, category name, number of favorites, and number of views. Clicking on the idea will take you to its page where you will find detailed step by step info about how to follow the DIY. Each step is also accompanied by an image for better understanding. You can comment on the DIY and also add images to your comments. The website also organizes various DIY related contests in which you can participate and win some really cool prizes.

So, it’s time to wrap up the list of 5 free websites to get DIY ideas. Try them out to get new DIY ideas to learn new skills. If you know about some more websites, then feel free to share them via comment section below.

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