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iManageProject is a free Software as a Service(SaaS) tool that functions as an online project management software. iManage Project comes in very handy when the  project involves many members working at different locations. This is very useful since all the project management activities are carried out on the web.

The team members can communicate themselves with the help of a number of facilities like e-mail, real-time chat, file sharing etc. This free online project management app does not require any software to be downloaded and installed. The user can carry out all his activities online.

One great feature of this free online project management software is that the free version does not impose restrictions on the number of people involved in a particular project that can use this software. Only restriction is that free account can manage only 1 project. Other than this, iManage Project helps the user in scheduling tasks and assigning them, effective completion of the project, on-time delivery and immaculate project maintenance.


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Features of iManageProject:

  • Dashboard: Dashboard is the main window that is helpful in project management. From here the user is able to view and control all the project related changes and activities. The user is able to view a complete list of milestones and deadlines for the different modules, messages, contents etc.
  • To do list: The ‘To Do’ list shows the list of activities that need to be performed by the user and the team members. The user can set deadlines for each of the activities mentioned in the list. Also the access can be regulated by the administrator or the project manager. Further the tasks in the ‘to-do’ list can be rearranged according to the need whenever required.
  • File Sharing: IT becomes very essential to share files when a project is managed online. This has to be done effectively so that there is no delay in the project’s progress. iManage Project has an inbuilt facility to do this. Different users can upload their versions of the files as and when they are completed. The newer versions can be uploaded while the older ones are queued up at the bottom of the list. Each of these files can be viewed either independently or along with the messages and to-do lists that they are attached with. Further a separate image gallery can also be maintained for the project. The free version comes with only 1GB online storage.
  • Milestones: Milestones aid in the completion of the project in an effective manner. Milestones can be set on the go. Further they can be removed and updated whenever needed.
  • Time Tracking: Time Tracking allows the user to calculate the time spent on developing the project. The time spent can be found out for either the individual modules or the project as a whole. This feature keeps track of the project’s development by measuring the project’s progress against time.
  • Project overview: Project overview allows the user to view the tasks that are completed, the ones that are pending and the messages, comments and remarks for each of the completed activities. With this the user can get a clear overview of the projects status and percentage completion. Further the user can receive e-mail updates on the latest developments and changes in the project.
  • Permissions: The project administrator can setup various access permissions for different users. These privacy levels ensure that only the right person gets access to the important confidential, project related data. The administrator can cancel or hold an account and grant roles for each of the members individually.
  • Other options: The project window’s color and appearance can be changed according to need. Writeboards and chat rooms can be created by any user to share his thoughts ideas and receive opinions about them. This helps in conducting an effective brainstorming session about the project.

With all these features and much more, the iManageProject is an efficient web tool to manage the projects online.

Try iManageProject and start managing your projects online

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