Get Email and Text Alerts for Availability of Rooms in Hotels

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Hotel Room Alerts is a free website to get email and text message alerts for availability of rooms in hotels. It stores updated information for availability of rooms in around 170,000 hotels all over the world on its database. As soon as a room is available, you will be notified with an email as well as with text message (on your phone number).

You need to search for a hotel and desired room(s) of a particular city and country, enter the check in and check out date, and it will find out if rooms are available or not. You can submit your email address and phone number to place your order. Whenever a room will be available, alert will be sent to you, so that you can book that room.

Some rooms might not be available for all the dates selected by you. However, when partial availability (for some dates except all selected dates) for rooms is possible, this website can alert you in that case as well.

Hotel Room Alerts- get email and text alerts for hotel rooms

In above screenshot, you can see email alerts send by this website for availability of rooms.

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Key Features:

  • Your order id is generated by this website after submitting your email address or phone number. This order id is used to check your order status, order details, and to deactivate the order. Click on My Order option on this website, enter your email address, and order id. After this, it will open account settings page where you can check details of your order(s).
    check order status with order id
  • Apart from just providing alerts for rooms for selected hotels, this website also provides a brief description of the room with photo.
  • You can also book your room using Book It option available in the email alert. You will be directed to to book the room.
  • You can enable/disable partial notification alerts and SMS text-message alerts.

How To Get Email and Text Alerts for Availability of Rooms in Hotels?

Open the homepage of this website using the link added at the end of this review. On its homepage, enter hotel name, city name, or address. It will provide you suggestions as well. You can search and add multiple hotels. After this, enter the check in and check out date for your booking. Now tap on Lookup button.

find hotels to check availabity of rooms

List of rooms for selected hotels will be presented to you. You need to select rooms for booking. If some rooms are already available for booking, you can select rooms and click on Book Now button. However, when rooms are not available, you need to submit your email address and phone number to receive alerts for availability of rooms.

select rooms, submit email address and phone number to get alerts

Click on Review Order button and confirm your order. After confirmation, your order id will be in front of you. This order id is used to check for your order on this website. Your order confirmation email will also be sent to you with order id.

confirm your order and wait for alerts

Whenever full or partial availability of rooms is there, you will receive the alerts. Finally, you can click on the Book It button and direct to to book your room.

email notification for availablity of room received


This website comes with a large database of hotels and rooms. The best part is that the database remains updated. So, as soon as there is any availability of rooms, it will immediately notify you with email alert, or text message, or both.

Try Hotel Room Alerts free.

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