5 Free Websites To Learn To Drape Saree Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn to drape saree online. These websites let you learn different styles of wearing a saree with the help of videos, and step by step tutorials.

Saree is among one of the many things related to Indian tradition that have gained international recognition. It has become very popular, especially among fashion freaks who love to try out new things. It is considered to be classy, elegant, and much more.

Celebrities around the world have flocked Indian designers urging them to design saris for them. But, the problem that remains with saree is that is difficult to learn how to drape it. Beginners, especially, find it really hard to wear a saree by themselves. So, there are websites out there that help you learn this art without paying anything.

The 5 websites reviewed in this article are utsav fashion, Fancy Indian Saris, Sarisaheli, Send Your Needs, and instructables.

utsav fashion:

drape saree online

utsav fashion is the first website in this list where you can learn to drape saree online. It is a very simple and useful website that helps you learn different styles of saree. There are different styles of wearing saree like Gujarati style, Bengali style, Nivi style, mermaid style, and a few more. These styles differ from region to region. There are videos available on the website to learn all these styles of wearing saree. The link above will take you to the page where you can find all these videos. Just click on any one of them and start learning.

Fancy Indian Saris:

Fancy Indian Saris

Fancy Indian Saris is another website to learn to drape saree online. The website has a lot of information on offer. The written tutorial to learn to drape saree has been divided into 3 different parts. In the first part, you learn the basics of wearing a saree. This includes learning to hold a saree, covering your ankle, and more. In the second part, there are tips on how to drape a saree in different styles. The article explains the nuances of  various styles to wear a saree. In the final step, there is a 5 minute long video that teaches you how to wear a saree. The website not only teach you how to drape a saree, but there is other information on offer as well. You can learn the different fabrics, have a look at some of the designer saris, and more. Try it out.


drape saree online

Sarisaheli is yet another website that has useful videos that help you learn to drape saree online. There are video tutorials to learn all the styles of wearing a saree, like Gujarati style, Maharashtrian style, South Indian style, and more. You can select the video of your style and start learning from it. You are not required to register for any account or anything. Just watch and learn.

Send Your Needs:

Send Your Needs Send Your Needs is another website in this list to learn to drape saree online. The website basically provides you with links to learn different styles of wearing a saree. These links open in new tabs and contain helpful written, or video tutorials to learn from. Apart from the common and traditional styles, you can also learn some fashionable ways to wear a saree; the way celebrities wear them. There is also a link to watch video tutorials of different saree styles; this link takes you to YouTube where several helpful videos are available.


drape saree online

instructables is the fifth and final website in this list to learn to drape saree online. The website provides you a step by step tutorial on how to wear a saree. Every step is explained in details and can be of great use to beginners. At every step you will find some useful tip and multiple images for help. There are 8 steps in total, to learn to wear a saree, according to the website. All these 8 steps are comprised in one article and you can download this entire article in PDF format, for free. The thing to remember here is that the website does not provide lessons to learn different saree styles. You can only learn to wear a saree in the simple and most popular manner.

Try out all these websites and learn to wear your favorite saree styles for free. You can give us your feedback through comments below.

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