Extract Font from PDF Online With These 2 Free Websites

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Here are 2 free websites to extract font from PDF. A PDF can include a different type of fonts (Helvetica, Times New Roman, or any other fonts) in body content, headings, etc. If you are curious to know about which fonts are available in a particular PDF, so that you can use those fonts for own purpose, then these PDF font extractor websites can come in handy. You just have to upload PDF from your PC and these sites automatically fetch the list of available fonts (including if font was used with bold formatting).

Make sure the PDF you’re using to extract font(s) is readable PDF and not scanned PDF. If there is some scanned PDF, then try to convert scanned PDF to searchable PDF, and then these websites might be useful. Also, other factors like text is clearly visible or not, PDF is not protected, etc, are responsible to extract font from PDF. These websites helped me with some sample PDF files and extracted their fonts without an issue.

So, let’s check these free websites to extract font from PDF.


ExtractPDF.com font extractor

ExtractPDF.com is one of my favorite PDF font extractor websites. You can add a maximum 14 MB PDF file and then press “Start” button. The rest of the work is done by it automatically. The list of all the fonts available in the PDF file is provided in a separate tab. You can see font name, font bold or not, and font type. A sample text to help you see the preview of each font is also provided. To download a font, just click on that particular font and store it to PC. You can also save all the extracted fonts in a zip file with a single click.

Apart from extracting font from PDF, the website is helpful to fetch text from PDF, images, and PDF metadata. The extracted images and text can also be saved separately to PC. So, pretty good features are provided by this PDF font extractor.

All your extracted data and input PDF is removed after an hour from this website.


Konwerter.net font extractor

Konwerter.com is also a good option to extract font from PDF. This website doesn’t mention size limit to upload PDF but the output is generated easily. It generates a zip file which you can download with a single mouse click and extract that zip to see the fonts that were present in the PDF file. The result comes good. It shows the font name along with bold formatting used or not for a particular font. You can also delete the output file from this website after downloading it to PC.

Apart from using it as PDF font extractor, you can also use it to extract PDF attachments, and PDF fonts as well as attachments. The features are quite good. However, there are a few things you should note before trying this website. During my testing, the output extension for font came as “CFF”, instead of TTF (TrueType Font). Maybe, this is some bug that needs to fix on this website. Also, the website provides the feature to upload multiple files but I think it is not for PDF format.

The Conclusion:

There are a couple of websites also present to extract font from PDF online. But, those sites failed to generate the output for me. Therefore, these two websites are better to use for extracting font from PDF. Among these sites, “ExtractPDF.com” is surely a better choice.

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