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[Total: 5 Average: 5] is a free custom URL shortener tool. It can help you create custom short URL for any given URL. You can also use it to generate random short URLs, just like other online URL shorteners available out there. Along with custom short URL, it generates a QR code for the shortened URL. Not only that, you also get to analyze the statistics of your shortened URL. All of it, for free, and without any expiry date! The code of this website is open source and is available on GitHub for review.

You can also checkout this link to know how to to create short URLs that expire after limited use or time.

How To Get Custom Short URL Using

As you open the website, it displays two options to shorten URL. One is to get custom short URL, and the other is to get a random short URL.

To get custom short URL, simply enter the URL for which you want short URL. Then click on the CUSTOM URL button. This will expand the custom URL field. Here, you have to enter any short text that you want in the short URL. Enter the text in front of the field, and click on Shorten option to get the custom short URL.

Note: Custom short URL is subject to availability. If a custom URL is already taken, you will have to try a different one.

To get a  random short URL, all you have to do is enter the URL you want to shorten, and click on Shorten option. That’s it. This tool will shorten the URL to a random short URL.

Would want to generate such random short URLs on your Android device? checkout these free URL shortener Android apps.

If you would have noticed the screenshots above, you would have seen the GET QR CODE option. Yes, this Custom URL Shortener generates QR code for the generated short URL. You can download the QR code as PNG image in various sizes. The size options are available from 100×100 px to 1000×1000 px. These are static PNG images; it does not have option for animated QR codes.

Talking about the Analytics feature, you can only access it after signing up with, which is completely free. It provides various statistics about the shortened URL. You can checkout the number of clicks over time from here. Various other analytical information can be viewed from here, which can help you strategize your campaigns.


The following Analytical information is displayed for a shortened URL:

  • Clicks over time: Displays number of clicks and respective bar plot according to week, month, or year.
  • Country statistics: Know from which countries you are getting clicks.
  • Referrer statistics: Here you get to know, where you got the clicks from. Eg: Facebook, Twitter, Direct, etc.
  • Browser statistics: Know which internet browsers were used to open your link.
  • Platform Statistics: Get to know from which machine you are getting most clicks. Whether its Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux, you will get the exact figures.

Conclusion: is for sure a great custom URL shortener. The custom short URL feature provided with QR code and Analytics options for free, definitely make it useful tool for digital marketing purpose.

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