Chrome Extension To Avoid Online Distraction: Timewarp

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Timewarp is a Google Chrome extension to avoid online distraction. It helps you focus more on work and prevents you from visiting distracting websites. You are prevented from visiting distracting websites by blocking them. It is a form of web blocker but in a more creative way.

Options provided by this Chrome extension to avoid online distractions are:

  • Get redirected to a website related to your work.
  • View a motivating message or quote (added by you).
  • Display a timer, which will show you the amount of time you have spent on a website.

Timewarp is a really helpful Chrome extension to avoid online distraction and stay focused. Most of the time when working online, you often get distracted by websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. So, by using Timewarp, you can create a barrier between you and the distracting websites.

Options Provided By this Chrome Extension To Avoid Online Distraction:

  • Redirect:This feature automatically redirects you to a specified website, if you try to visit a website which is a distraction for you. You can select if you directly want to get redirected or set a time limit, after which you will get redirected.

    2 boxes are provided in this mode, From Site box and a Destination Site box. If you want to get redirected to your work related website directly, then open timer and choose ‘Blocked’, but if you want to spend some time before getting redirected, you can select the amount of time you want.

    Click on Timer option to set the timing parameters for a distracting website.

    Here, if you choose Blocked, you will be redirected to the specified website as soon as you open the distracting website. If you choose to set a timer, you will see a clock running, which will redirect you after the time gets over.

  • Quote: Through this, if you try to open a distracting website, then it will show a quotation or message that you have entered.

    In this option, again 2 boxes will be given. One for entering the distracting website and other for the quote that you want to appear.

    Now, if you try to open Facebook (as showed in the above image) on Chrome, the entered Quote will be displayed instead of Facebook.

    Here also Timer is present, just like Redirect. It also lets you use any distracting website for just a certain amount of time. After the time gets over, message or quote that you entered will display automatically after the given amount of time, or instantly, if Blocked option is selected.

  • Timer Only: This timer doesn’t do anything. It just keeps running, just to show you the amount of time you have spent on a distracting website.

    Here, just type the website in From Site box. After that, select the timer position from the options provided. It will show for how long you have been using a website.

    Now, when you open Facebook (or any other added website), on the top of it, a timer can be seen. It shows the amount of time spent by you on the specified websites.

This Chrome extension to avoid online distraction can be really helpful, as you can decide the amount of time you should spend on any website.

Smart feature of this Chrome Extension: When you change tab or minimize Chrome, the timer automatically stops. The timer will continue only after opening that tab again.

Final Words:

Timewarp is surely a great Chrome extension to avoid online distraction. It also works as a website blocker, which is highly effective in preventing a user from getting distracted online and helps to focus more on work. So in the end, for sure this is a must have extension for all, as we all have to work online and end up getting distracted.

Get Timewarp here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 3   Average: 2/5]
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