Automatically Generate Random Logo Designs for your Brand

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MarkMaker is a free online service to automatically generate random logo designs for your brand. To generate logos, all you got to do is enter your brand name and that’s all. It will automatically generate tons of stunning logos related to the name you’ve entered. In addition to that, it also allows you to edit and refine the generated logos as required for your brand. You will be able to customize the accent element and base design of all the logos. When you’re done generating and customizing a logo, you can save it either as PNG or SVG file.

Similar to other online services such as YouiDraw and Logotype Maker, you can easily generate random logos and edit them as required using MarkMaker. You can use the random logos either as design mockups (samples), or to get logo inspirations, and who knows you might find one that fits perfectly with your brand.

random logo designs

How to Automatically Generate Random Logo Designs for your Brand:

Step 1: Go to the homepage of MarkMaker and start generating random logos instantly, as no sign up is required. On the main page, you will see a text input bar along with the “Generate Logo Designs” button as shown below.

main page

Step 2: Simply enter your brand name in the text input bar and hit the “Generate Logo Designs” button. It will automatically process the name and generate tons of random logos related to the brand name. You can scroll down to browse all the logos and use any one of them as a sample logo or use permanently.


Step 3: If you wish to edit any logo, then hover your mouse cursor above the logo and click the “Edit” icon. The editor window will open up with two columns for editing base design and accent element separately.

edit logos

Step 4: In the base design column, you can change the base font (type, size, style, and spacing), base color (hue, saturation, and brightness), base layout (vertical/horizontal alignment and split index), base text & shape transformation, base visual effect, etc. Whereas in the accent element column, it lets you customize accent details (the type of accent, element type, and element selector), accent color, visual effect, and shape transformation.

Step 5: When you’re done customizing, click the “Save Changes” button to apply editing to that particular logo. You can hover your mouse cursor above the customized logo to either delete it or save it as PNG and SVG file.

save logos

My Final Verdict:

MarkMaker is a simple and useful online service that allows you to feed your brand name and generate random logos. Apart from that, you can customize the accent element and base design of any logo. If you want to use a logo either as a mockup or permanently, then after customizing the logo save it as a PNG or SVG file.

If you’re looking for a way to create quick dummy logos for your brand, then I suggest you to use MarkMaker.

Try “MarkMaker” from here.

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