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Talking Insult Generator is a free iPhone app to generate hilarious insults, which are read out loud in robot like voices. You can generate a random insult and send it to your friends via SMS, mail or Whatsapp. When you are feeling offended by a friend or colleague you can choose one of these hilarious insults and send them to your friends. Just to let them know how you feel. Even reading and going through these insults is quiet funny in itself.

When you install and open up this app you will see what is shown in the screenshot below.

talking insults generator home1

Here you can see a big red generate insult button. As soon as you click this button a new funny insult will open in the window above. As soon as its generated it will be read out loud for you.

You will also see the options of pitch and speed on your screen. Move the slider to adjust pitch and speed of the voice reading the insults out loud. The replay option on the left hand side will replay the insult shown in the box. The voices option on the right hand side is for selecting an English accent out of five given ones. These are United States, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and Arabic.

talking insults generator voice choose

Let’s talk about the small red button in the center which says regular pack. Pack here means a pack of jokes or insults. The app provides you with 5 such packs, namely, regular pack, bonus pack, Shakespearean pack, yo momma pack, and Lutheran pack. You can just press the center button and switch to a different pack anytime. I particularly enjoyed the bonus pack.

talking insults generator packs1

The box in which the insult is generated has a flag option on the left hand side corner. In case you find the joke offensive than you can flag it. On the right hand side of the display box is a heart icon to favorite an insult along with an icon for sharing the insult with your friends through Mail, message or Whatsapp.

talking insults generator share1

The heart icon at the top right hand side corner of the screen will take you to your favorites section. There you will be able to browse all your favorite insults. The settings icon on the top left hand corner of the screen will show a window like the one in screenshot below.

talking insults generator settings1

From here you can write a review of the app, follow them on Instagram, disable voice, give feedback, etc.

I found certain parts of the app funny, others not so funny. Some jokes I didn’t like and some I found to be very funny. If you are someone who is easily offended by insulting jokes, then you should stay away from this app.

Also try out Yik Yak free social app for iPhone to share jokes, gossips, rumors, etc.

All the insults included in the app are meant to be funny. But it depends upon person to person how well they take it. So be careful of who you are sharing insults with.

Check out the Talking Insult Generator from the app store.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 1 Average: 4]
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