el. : Free iPad Arcade Game With Side Scrolling Flying

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el. is a free iPad arcade game with Side Scrolling flying gameplay. In this game, you have to make sure that your main character keeps on flying in the air and reaches his destination. This game includes a story which you will go on to learn about as you go on to complete the levels. You will also face various obstacles in your way, but you have to dodge them to continue your saga and complete the level, and ultimately the game.

The game has 3 difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard; with 12 challenging levels. The main USP of the game is the beautiful color schemes used in the game background and the sound. The color scheme is unique for each of the level, including the background images and other surroundings. Each of the level is unique, interesting, and fun to play.


Gameplay of this iPad Arcade Game with Side Scrolling Flying:

The gameplay of this iPad arcade game revolves around a shadow character, who according to app’s description wakes up in a forgotten prison. Then, he flies off in search of a purpose. Your aim is to keep the character flying and make him find his purpose through a range of 12 challenging levels.

Challenging Levels

While the character is flying, you will see different obstacles like birds, parachutes, trees, moving sticks, etc.. You have to avoid them, otherwise you will lose a small portion of your character’s life. You can check the life status at top right corner.  You have only one life before the game gets over.

Avoid Obstacles

You can regain your life easily by taking the silver feathers, which will come your way as you keep flying in the air.

Take Feathes to Gain Life

If you complete the path of any level, then you progress to the next level, and in case you fail, then you will see the path covered by you along with an option to replay the level.

Level Failed

Controls to Play  this iPad Arcade Game with Side Scrolling Flying:

  • Tap and hold to keep character flying in the air.
  • Lift the finger to make your character goes downwards towards land.
  • Flick left or right to make character go backward or forward.

This way, try to make the character flying, avoid obstacles, collect feathers, and complete levels.

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Final Verdict:

el. is a good iPad arcade game with side scrolling flying gameplay. I enjoyed playing this game as it has unique gameplay instead of regular endless running mode. The levels are also good and worth playing. Do give it a try.

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