5 Websites To Collect Donations Online

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Here is a list of 5 websites to collect donations online. The websites let you collect money from others for your various campaigns. Collecting donations offline can be very tiring. It takes a lot of time and also limits the reach of collectors.

With the advent of these websites to collect online donations, raising money has become easier, safer and quicker. The range of donors has also increased significantly. There are various promotional ideas that can be used to make your donation campaign successful and better.

The 5 websites to collect donations online are PayPal, DonationTo, Fundly, gofundme, and GoGetFunding. 


PayPal-collect donations online

PayPal is one of the most reliable and trusted source of online transactions out there. It has collaborated with various other websites and acts as a payment gateway for them. But it can be used for collecting donations as well. You are required to create a free account with the website and link all your bank account details with it. After that you can create a Donate button that will help you to collect donations. Every time a donor donates by clicking on that link, the money will be added to your account. PayPal accepts money from credit cards, debit cards, American Express card, etc. and charges a nominal transaction fees on every transaction.

Try it out here.


DonationTo-collect donations online

DonationTo is another website that you can use to collect donations online. The website lets you set up your campaign page and promote it through various methods. Setting up your own donation campaign is quite easy and the website helps you in promoting your campaign to attract donations. You can also share the page on different social networking platforms and donors can donate by clicking on it. The website accepts only online payments through Master Card, Visa, American express cards and charges a fee. There are different paid plans that, if opted for by you, will let you keep 100% of the collected money. But, if you opt for the free plan, the website charges 5% of the donations and credit card transaction fee.

Try it out here.



Fundly is my next choice to collect donations online. The website is easy to use, helps to promote your campaign, and charges a nominal fee out of your transactions. If you opt to use the free plan of the website, it will cost you 4.9% of the collected money and credit card transaction fee. With the help of the website, you can create your own campaign page and promote it through various methods like sending emails, share page on Facebook, Twitter. The website helps you with writing attractive emails, and keeps you updated about every move. Fundly is a helpful website especially for first-timers.

Try Fundly here.


gofundme-collect donations online

Fourth website in this list to collect donations online is gofundme. You can create your own website or page and spread the word around to collect donations. The website helps you with the creation of the page and its promotion. It has built-in online fundraising tools that helps you in inviting others and collecting money. All the money is collected online by credit cards or debits cards. The website also charges a little money out of all these transactions. It will cut 5% of the total transaction and processing fee. This fees varies from place to place as charges are different for every country.

Try gofundme here.



GoGetFunding is another place that can be visited to collect online donations. The fact that the website has attracted coverage from various popular media houses proves its reliability. In terms of functioning, it is very much similar to the other websites mentioned above. It lets you create your own campaign and promote it to collect money. The website charges standard transaction fees (i.e 5%) and credit card transaction fees. All the money is collected through credit cards and debit cards.

Try it out here.

So, try out all these websites and collect money easily and quickly.

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