3 Best Reading Speed Test Software for Windows

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Here are 3 best reading speed test software for Windows. These free software help you check your reading speed in Words Per Minute (WPM) based on the paragraph or text read by you. You have to be honest and carefully read the given paragraph. You can Start and Stop the reading process and then the software will show you the result.

Each software has some other interesting tools also. For example, you can learn to improve your reading speed, check test results in a graph, add custom text file for reading speed test, increase/decrease text size for reading process, and more. Thus, apart from the main feature, you will get additional benefits.

Let’s check these free reading speed test software one by one.

Speed Your Read

Speed Your Read software

Speed Your Read (Homepage) is one of the best software here for reading speed test. You can use Reading Speed icon available on its main interface and then you will see a box. Press Space and then a random paragraph will be visible in that box. Start reading the text of that paragraph. When you have read the paragraph, again press Space button. Finally, it will show your reading speed in WPM.

You can also check your test results in a graph. The graph will show WPM for each speed reading test. In addition to this main feature, this software also helps you improve the reading speed. For that, you can Follow the syllabus which provides step by step guide to help you improve reading speed. Thus, the software is good for improving as well as testing the reading speed.

You need to create a free user account first to use this software. After that, you can login with the generated credentials and use test mode or follow the syllabus.


Manageyum software

This software (Manageyum) doesn’t come with any built-in tool to test reading speed. Instead, it lets you use some web app as a desktop application. So, I used a Free Reading Speed Test website on its interface and checked my reading speed time. The website link is here. It lets you:

  • Select a theme for reading paragraph. Available themes are: American History, General, Fun Facts, Famous People (long paragraph), and Earth & Space Science.
  • Set the text complexity level. You can select any level between level 01 to 13.
  • Choose a story. Three different story options are available.

When you have set the options, use Begin button, and start reading the available paragraph. When you’ve read the complete paragraph, use Done Reading button. After that, you have to solve some random multi-choice questions (Comprehension) to see the result. In the output, you will see your reading speed and comprehension result.

To add this or some other web application on this software interface, you first need to open its interface and then scroll down the list of visible service. After that, use the “Custom App” option. Finally, you can add web app URL and give it a name. This will open the app interface on a separate tab and you can start using the added app for reading speed test.

Faster Than Sight

Faster Than Sight

Faster Than Sight is actually helpful to improve reading speed but it can also be used as a source to test your reading speed. What you need to do is set a reading speed (like 200 WPM, 300 WPM, etc.) and then check if you can read the text visible on its interface. The best part is you can add a text file of your choice and then read that file. Only one word at a time is visible on its interface depending upon the speed set by you. If you are comfortably able to read the text, then that is your reading speed. If not, you can adjust the reading speed and then start the reading process.

This software has some other options also. For example, you can increase/decrease text size for the reading process, set background brightness, pause/resume reading, bookmark the current position, etc.

Here is its full review.

The Conclusion:

Here I close this list covering some really good reading speed test software for Windows. For me, the first software is the best. It has speed reading test as well as lets you improve reading speed with its step by step guide. Other software are also good. So, based on your needs, you can start using any software.

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