5 Free Online Adobe InDesign Alternatives

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Here are 5 free online Adobe InDesign alternatives to create high quality designs for free. On these websites, you can create designs like flyers, posters, wedding cards, visiting cards, social media assets, and some other designs. With the intuitive editor of these websites, you can easily create an astonishing design and export that to a variety of formats. After creating your design, you can export that as an image, PDF and you can even export them in high resolutions as well. Also, is some of the these, you can save the design online and share that with anyone via URL.

Adobe InDesign is a one of the best desktop publishing applications out there. It is generally used to design and export designs like flyers, posters, brochures, magazines, newspapers, etc. You can use this software to create all these kind of designs and do some other tasks as well. But Adobe InDesign is a paid software and you cannot use it for free. That is why you need to have an alternative to do that. Though, there are some free software as well that are good alternatives to InDesign but here I will talk about the online alternatives.

In the following post, I will talk about 5 such websites that you can use to create high-resolution designs for free. And yes, you can think of them as free online alternatives to Adobe InDesign. Mostly these websites are paid but they do offer a free plan with some limitations on templates and graphics. You can easily use the editor of these websites, add free stock images in your designs, add fancy text and do much more other customization stuff to make an awesome design and export as high-resolution image or PDF.

5 Free Online Adobe InDesign Alternatives

5 Free Online Adobe InDesign Alternatives to Create High Quality Designs:


Desygner free Adobe InDesign alternative

Desygner is one of the best free online Adobe InDesign alternatives that you can use. The free plan of this service is very good to create flyers, posters, banners, menus, business cards, magazines, social media assets like Pinterest board, Facebook cover, LinkedIn banner, wedding cards, greeting cards, social media posts, and so many others. Here it offers you an intuitive editor where you can create your design and use the huge library of the free stock images that you can use. Also, you can access so many vector graphics for your design along with fancy fonts. Here it lets you create your own library as well in which you can add logos, fonts, and images that will be frequently needed in your designs. When you are finished with your design, you can download it. Or, it also allows you to share your design using a URL.

Simply create a free account on Desygner and then simply start using it. You can use the different tools from its editor to create your design. And the best part is that, on its main dashboard, you can choose what you want to design and then it will show you the corresponding templates. Some templates are premium, but there are a lot of free ones too. You can pick a template from there and use it to create your design. And once you are done with your design, save it, share it or you can download it. It lets you download the design in PDF, PNG and JPEG format. And during download, you can specify whether you want high-resolution design for printing.


canva Free InDesign Alternative

Canva is quite a popular online graphic designing application that has a lot of users. Here you can make almost any kind of design and export that on your PC. It lets you create designs like flyers, posters, magazines covers, storyboard and general social media posts. Using its intuitive editor, you can create your design from scratch and add free stock images in them. Also, it offers you other free graphics that you can add in your designs and then export them. It allows you to export the design as PNG, PDF, and JPG. You will find almost all the tools in its editor to manipulate the different part in your design and you can save your designs online as well.

Simply create a free account on Canva and then go to the main dashboard. You can pick a template by searching in the database or you can start your design with the blank canvas. After that, use the vast graphics library to assist you to create a design and you can add fancy text on your design as a well. It supports a lot of fonts that you can use and customize their appearance as well. The vector graphics can be added in your design by simply searching them. And you can change the colors of the different elements to match with you designs. At last, when you’re done you can export your design. Simply use the Download option to get your design locally on your PC.


Lucidpress free InDesign alternative

Lucidpress is another website that offers features to achieve the functionality of InDesign for free and in your browser. Here this is an advanced websites but it free plan is very much limited. In the free versions, it offers you 25 MB of storage and in your document, you can have only 3 pages. Also, the free version, doesn’t give you the printable PDF. You can create flyers, posters, business cards, etc., in it and then you can download them. You can customize the design fully and eve use the pre-ready templates to save your time. After creating your design, you can save that online as well and share that with anyone if you want. And you can download your design as an image and standard PDF.

Just create a free account on the website and then you can simply start with your publication. You can use any template to start or you can start from a blank project. If you are using the free plan, then you can keep the limitations of free plan in mind. After that, use the feature rich editor of the website to create your design and when done, simply download your design, Or, you can share your design with anyone you want. For that, use the Share button and it will give your URL.


DesignBold free InDesign alternative

DesignBold is yet another website that you can be used to pretty much work of Adobe InDesign online for free. Here you can use it to create posters, flyers, and other publication stuff right in your browser. And after creating your publication design, you can export that easily. It lets you export the final design in JPG, PNG, transparent PNG, and PDF. You can use any output format and then download the final design. The interface of this website is very much like Canva and work in the similar way. You can start creating a design from the scratch or you can use template and then edit it according to your needs. It offers huge library of images that you can use to add images and other graphics in your design and export that.

Using this website is very simple. Just create a free account on the website and then start with your publication. You can use the intuitive editor of the website and import images from your PC and add them in you design. You can dd fancy fonts and then customize them fully to make them look beautiful. For assistance, you can use the graphics library to add various elements in your publication and then analyze them output. You can save the design in your account and then you can also download that. To download the design, use the “Download” option from the top side and get your design.


365Layouts free InDesign alternative

365Layouts is the last free website on my list that you can use to find different flyers and poster templates and edit them. You can fully edit the templates according to your needs and then export them as PDF. It allows you to create designs like posters, business cards, newspaper, menus, greeting cards and newsletters. You can easily create a high-resolution publication (up to 1200 DPI) and chose the format and orientation of your design as well. It supports a lot of formats like A4, A2, A1, B2, A10, a lot others. You can easily create your design from scratch or from the template and then export it. However, to use it, you will have to create a free account on this website.

Simply go to the homepage of this tool and sign up for a free account. After that, either pick a template or start from the scratch. You can use its simple editor to make your design. The editor of the website offers you options to add text, cliparts, vectors, and images from your PC. And all the elements are added in layers. You can choose what elements you want to have on upper layer and what elements to be used as background. You can easily do that and save your design. It lets you save your design online and you can even download it as PDF.

Final thoughts

These are the best free online alternatives to Adobe InDesign that you can use to create high-resolution posters, flyers, brochures, business cards, magazines, and greeting cards, etc. You just have to create a free account on any of these websites to create any publication and export that in high resolutions. From this list, I will say that Desygner, Lucidpress, and 365Layouts are the best alternatives to Adobe InDesign. So, if you are looking for some free online InDesign alternatives then this list will help you.

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