5 Websites That Offer Royalty Free Images

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Here is a list of 5 websites that offer royalty free images.

Sites like Google and Bing are great sources to find images, but not all of the results are suitable for commercial use. If an image is copyright protected, it is illegal to use it for business need. That’s why you should always make sure an image is completely free before posting it on your blog or website. Or to be on the safer side, it is better to download pictures from sites that offer royalty free images.

Many services out there offer images which are under Creative Commons licence or free of copyright. Today we are gong to review 5 such websites, where you can find professional images for commercial use. These include Wikimedia.org, Pixabay.com, FreeDigitalPhotos.net, Flickr.com, and DeviantArt.com. Let’s have a look.



Wikimedia.org is a great source to find royalty free images. The site has a database of over 19 million media files, available under Creative Commons license. These include images, sound, and video files. Download is available in 6 different resolutions in JPG format.

The site provides a mix of professional and non-professional images, so you can choose the ones that you want. Graphics are also available. Search can be narrowed on the basis of various subcategories, like country, views, diagrams, drawings, historical images, illustration, paintings, motion pictures, quality images, and more. Interface is basic, but the collection of images is truly awesome. Apart from downloading, you can also donate photos and share them with others. Also available for iOS and Android platforms.

Site Link: Click here to checkout Wikimedia.org.



Pixabay.com is another great source to download royalty free images. The site offers a beautiful interface with a user-friendly search. Categories are available to narrow down search. Photos, clip arts, and vector graphics are available. Download is available in four different resolutions, in JPG format.

The results might contain some paid images from Shutterstock, but that would be the first row only; rest of the rows shows free images.

Site Link: Click here to checkout Pixabay.com.



FreeDigitalPhotos.net, again, has a good collection of images on all topics and subjects. You can browse by the available categories or simply make a search. Images can be downloaded in small size and in JPG format.

Though the images can be used free of copyright, there’s a condition that you would have to publish an acknowledgement to the image creator and the site, on every page you use the images. Also, the preview would be watermarked, but the original download won’t contain any watermark.

Site Link: Click here to checkout FreeDigitalPhotos.net.



Flickr.com is a popular image hosting site, where people from all over the world share personal photographs. The site has an Advanced Search option, which can be used to filter all Creative Commons-licensed content from the pool of a variety of professional images. Photos are available in multiple sizes in JPG format.

Site Link: Click here to checkout Flickr.com.


DaviantArt - Search

Daviant Art is an online community of creative people, who showcase their work and promote Arts. The site is full of amazing art-pieces and inside it, there’s a section dedicated to Creative Commons images. Though the section primarily encourages to use Google Image Search to search its content, the results are unique, impressive, and all taken from Devian Art itself. Download is available in original resolution in JPG format only.

Site Link: Click here to checkout DaviantArt.com.

These were some of the websites that offer royalty free images for download. Do give them a try the next time you are going to search for a professional photo for your site or blog. Share your thoughts or give suggestions via comments below.

Also check out some free image resizer to resize images from right-click menu.

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