Am I Depressed? Find out With These Best Online Depression Test Websites

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Have you ever found yourself asking the question, ” Am I Depressed” ? These best online depression test websites will help you know if you are depressed. If you have slightest of doubt that you maybe depressed, do not hesitate to take any of these depression tests. By asking various questions regarding your daily life, these tests will tell you about your depression and suggest if you really need to see a doctor or not. While some of these websites just tell you your category of depression, some provide depression score based on the options you select.

In the following article, I will tell you how to know if you’re depressed by using these websites. Let us checkout these websites one at a time.

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Here Are The Best Online Depression Test Websites To Know If You’re Depressed:

3 Minute Depression Test

3 Minute Depression Test is based on the depression screening test by Ivan Goldberg. It asks you ten questions based on your interests, feelings, and activities. You get to choose from 4 options for each question that ranges from Not at all to Nearly every day. After completing the test, you will have to enter your email ID to get the test result.

It shows you the result on a meter and mentions the type of depression you may be suffering from. Along with the result, it also provides some advice.

Checkout this tool here.

A Test For Depression

A Test For Depression lets you take online depression test and provides result as score. You will be put through 21 different questions. These questions ask you how you feel about yourself, how you sleep, how you eat, and how you feel about various other activities and things.

As result, you will get a depression score. Based on which category you fall in, it advises you to take actions accordingly.

Check it out here.

Depression Test

This Depression Test by Psychology Today carries out an extensive questionnaire to investigate on your depression. In an estimated period of 20 minutes, you will have to answer 101 questions related to different walks of your life, about your condition, your health, your habits, and more. According to the options selected by you, it gives you a score on a scale of 100. Along with the score, you also get a couple of advice.

This tool also provides a detailed report about your depression, but it is not free. For free you just get a score and advice. If you often find yourself questioning “Am I Depressed?” then you can go for the detailed report.

Give this tool a try here.

Short Depression Test

Short Depression Test is online depression test based on Goldberg Depression Questionnaire. It is almost similar to the first tool in this list, but has more questions. Here, you will have to answer 18 questions, which will help you determine if you have depression. After giving the test, you will get a score. There is a score key which you can refer to see what category you fall in.

Here is the link to this depression test.

Anxiety And Depression Checklist

Anxiety And Depression Checklist has a set of 10 questions to help you know if you’re depressed. For all of these questions, you have to select an option from given 5 options. These questions are almost similar to the tests mentioned above. After you submit your response, you will get a depression score. Along with the score, you get to see what your score means, and what you should do next. You also get few contacts where you can contact if you need help regarding your depression.

You can access this tool here.

Quiz: Are You Depressed?

Quiz: Are You Depressed? is another test which will tell you if you’re depressed. For this, it asks you to answer 16 questions in different sets. These sets a based on your activities, behavior, feelings, habits, etc. After the test, it also gives you a score as result and tells what the score means. Based on your score, you also get suggestions for the same.

Take this online depression test here.


DepressedTest has a set of 30 questions that will help you determine if you are suffering from depression. Along with information about your feelings, health, sleeping habits, family history, and other crucial things, you will also need to enter your age and gender. According to your response, this tool scores you for depression, dysthymia, bipolar disorder, cyclothymia, seasonal affected disorder, and postpartum disorder.

Give this online depression test here.

Free Depression Test

Free Depression Test asks you questions based on symptoms defined by the American Psychiatric Association. You will have to select relevant options for the questions asked. These questions will be based upon what you feel, how you sleep, your health, eating habits, etc.

The report of the test shows different scores for sadness, loss of interest, sleep, guilt, fatigue, etc. Along with it, you also get an advice for your disorder, if any.

Give it a try here.

Are You Depressed?

Are You Depressed? Check this online depression test that will certainly cheer you up for a while. It asks you 10 questions which you will have to answer. With all these questions, you will see a related animated GIF. It is not anything related to depression, but makes the overall experience fun.

The best part? You get a result which also comes with a related GIF.

Try it out here.

Final Verdict

These online depression test websites are pretty helpful for people who are suffering from any sort of depression. These not just helps you find if you are actually suffering from depression. You can see what is the level or type of your depression, and what kind of help you should seek. You also get some advice regarding the same.

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