5 Free Websites To Overcome Anxiety Disorders

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In this article, I have compiled a list of 5 free websites to overcome anxiety disorders.  From these websites, you can learn what is anxiety and the different ways to overcome anxiety in children, adults, and a person of any age. These anxiety websites properly provide the proper information about different forms of anxiety like phobias, compulsive anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and many others. Some of the websites are from standard organizations and institutions, so, you can expect a quality of information from them. You can also access videos and mindfulness audio sessions in some of these anxiety management websites. So, take a tour of this article and the websites listed below which can certainly help you to reduce anxiousness in you.

5 free websites to overcome anxieties disorder

There are plenty of Android and iPhone apps that can help you to relieve anxiety. But these websites can help you to diagnose which type of anxiety disorder you are suffering from as you can about them and also see the steps of treatment. You will also get access to free podcasts, webinars, audio, and video sessions related to anxiety management.


anxietybc- free website to reduce anxieties disorders

AnxietyBC is a fantastic website that can help you reduce anxiety disorders like phobias, nervousness, etc. From this anxiety management website, you can take different mindfulness audio and video sessions to make you feel comfortable and overcome anxiety. In addition to this, you can also grow your knowledge on different types of anxieties like panic anxiety, social anxiety, etc and their cure from the free ebooks (external sources) provided. You can find some good articles on it which can certainly help you to get rid of your anxiety disorder. Well, you won’t see the results in a day, I will suggest you, spend some time with this anxiety reliever website and make the most out of its huge anxiety-related content. You don’t need to register or create an account to use this website. Simply visit the link provided above and move to its Video Library section to watch videos related to overcome anxieties.

Anxieties Disorders Treatment Center:

free websites to reduce anxieties disorders- anxieties disorder treatment center

Anxieties.com is another free website to reduce most of the different anxieties disorders like panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, social anxieties, and many others. You can read about each of these different anxieties disorders. All of the anxieties disorders are very well described here and you can get to know their causes, symptoms, and cure. You can read the stepwise remedies to cure a particular anxiety disorder like fear of flying and other phobias. In fact, this anxiety management website belongs to an Anxieties Disorder Treatment Center based from Durham, NC. So, you can also contact them for help and treatment of your anxiety disorder. However, there are no video or audio sessions available on it to learn how to cure anxieties in an audio-visual environment. But, the good-quality articles on different anxieties disorder makes up for it, so, I will definitely recommend you to take a look at this website.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America:

anxiety and depression association of america

Anxiety and Depression Association of America is another free website to learn about different anxieties disorder and how to reduce them. You can read thorough articles on them and access free podcasts and videos. These podcasts and videos talk about different anxieties problem and the steps to overcome them. In addition to this, you can also find nearest treatment center (only in the USA) to cure a particular anxiety disorder like obsessive-compulsive disorder, posttraumatic compulsive disorder, and other specific phobias. You can also read about anxities in children, adults, older adults, etc and the tips to stay calm and maintain composure under panic attacks.


free website to reduce anxiety- anxiety.org

Anxiety.org is another free website to overcome anxiousness and other anxiety disorders like panic disorder, social anxiety, etc. You can read about these anxiety problems and about how you can help yourself to overcome these anxiety-related problems and their medication procedures. It is a complete Wikipedia of anxiety-related terms and disorders. There are no audio or video sessions on this website as in some other websites. But it does provide detailed articles on wide array of anxiety disorders like social anxiety, separation anxiety, attentional bias, etc. Explore it from the link provided above and help yourself to reduce anxiety online.

Anxiety Social Net:

5 free websites to overcome anxiety- anxiety social net homepage

Anxiety Social Net is a community of people suffering from some sort of anxiety. It is just like Facebook where you can add friends, chat with them, post status updates, photos, videos, etc. So, this is a perfect place if you want to interact with other people suffering from anxiety. In addition to this, you can also read its blog on medication therapy which explains about the ways to cure different anxiety disorders like different types of fear, social anxiety, etc. It also provides an additional blog i.e. Anxiety on which you can read about different types of anxiety disorders and their symptoms.


If you think you are suffering from any anxiety problem or just want to help a friend or family member for the same, then these 5 free websites to overcome anxiety will help you a lot. As they offer tons of useful content and resources from where you see the steps of medication and exercises that you can do at your end to stay away from any distress and depression. I will recommend you to go through all of them as all of them are pretty unique and represent each anxiety disorder in their own way.

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