The Call Recorder App: Record Calls On Android

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The Call Recorder app is a free Android app to record calls on Android. The Android call recorder app is smart enough to automatically record calls on Android. The app is very easy to use on Android.

You just need to install and launch the app on Android. The app automatically starts working in background on your Android phone. As soon any call lands on your phone, the app wakes up and starts recording the audio automatically on your Android.

The app is smart enough to save all your recording directly on your phone’s SD card. The app even gives you the option to record only incoming calls or only outgoing calls or both. This Android call recorder app always gives you the notification in the status bar that the app is enabled on your Android phone.

The Call Recorder

You can even check out Auto Call Recorder app for Android reviewed by us.

Some Key Features Of Android Call Recorder App To Record Calls:

  • You can easily record calls on Android with this smart call recorder app.
  • The app is simple and easy to use on Android.
  • You can enable recording of only incoming calls or only outgoing calls or both.
    The Call Recorder App
  • The app allows you to select specific contacts for which you want the app to record calls.
  • You can set the recording method as automatic or manual.
  • The app displays a notification that the call recorder is enabled in the status bar.
    The Call Recorder App Recording
  • The app is smart enough to clear the recordings automatically according to the time set.
  • All the recordings are saved automatically to SD card.
  • The setting options of the app can be highly customized.

Take a look on AutoCallRecorder app to record calls on Android reviewed by us.

How To Install The Call Recorder App On Android:

  • Scan the QR Code or sign-in to Android Market.
    The Call Recorder App QR Code
  • Search “The Call Recorder” app  in Android Market.
  • Tap on install option to install the app.

The free The Call Recorder app will be automatically installed. Hit here to download The Call Recorder app from Android Market. Now automatically record calls on your smart phone easily without doing anything on your Android phone. Make your smart phone multi-functional with this Android call recorder app.

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Works With: Android 2.1 and up
Free/Paid: Free