SMS Bomb: Android App to Send Bulk SMS To Any Number Quickly

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SMS Bomb is a free bulk SMS sending app for Android that lets you send multiple SMS to a number in a short span of time. If you want to flood someone’s phone with SMS, this app let’s you do that. You can specify the SMS that you want to send, number of SMS that should be sent, and frequency of sending SMS. The app will start working and send all those SMS.

Do note that the SMS will be sent from your phone. So, two things to remember here:

  • The receiver will know that he is being SMS bombed by you.
  • You will be charged for SMS as per your bill plan. If you have a free SMS plan, then you can have lot of fun with this app.

SMS Bomb- main homepage

You can grab this app from the link provided to you at the end of this article. As soon as you install this app on your Android phone, it quickly redirects you to the main homepage of the app.

On the main screen, it lets you add any desired contact number to which you wish to send the SMS. Below that, you can type your message that should be sent. Note that the same message will be sent multiple times; it does not gives you option to send a variety of messages.

Then below that, you can set the repeat, where you’ll specify number of times the message should be sent. Then you can also set the delay in seconds.

Once done, you just need to click on the Send Message button, and it quickly comes in action.

SMS Bomb- Write Message

It uses you current SMS plan that you are using on your phone to send texts.

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Limitations of This Free Bulk SMS Sending Android App:

  • You cannot edit the scheduled message, neither the contact number nor the delay time. This is a big flaw, if accidentally you’ve typed that you want to send 500 SMS, instead of 5 SMS. Only way to get around that would be to turn off your phone :)
  • When you schedule messages to be sent, the app keeps working till the messages have been sent. During that time, you cannot schedule any other SMS from this app. So, if you want to setup recurring daily SMS, where one SMS is sent per day, then this is not the app for that. For that, you can try these SMS scheduler apps.
  • It uses your current SMS plan that you are using on your phone.

My Verdict About SMS Bomb:

The only reason you would use this app is if you literally want to flood someone with same SMS multiple times, and that too in a very short duration (like, 10 messages in a minute). The fact that you can’t schedule more messages till the first set of messages are sent is a big limitation, but I guess it is in line with the premise of the app that you are trying to SMS bomb someone so your messages should be scheduled to go out quickly.

Get SMS Bomb for Android here, or scan QR code below:

SMS Bomb- QR code

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