Free Windows 8 Personalization App To Add Multiple Live Tiles

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Tiles Factory is a free Windows 8 which lets you add multiple Live Tiles on the Windows 8 Start screen. The app lets you add individual Live Tiles for many different things, like: Calendar, Time, Internet Status, GeoLocation, Day Counter, Network Status, Open File, Website Link, Custom Note, Custom Picture, and Open File. You can also add a mega tile to create multiple tiles of an image.

This app has an easy to use interface. You just need to choose the tools that you want to Pin on start screen and it will display the relevant tool on the Live Tile of Windows 8 Start Screen.

You can even customize the Live Tile Color from provided 5 different colors. You can add multiple Live Tiles for many tools, like you can add multiple notes, website links, etc.

Tiles Factory-Live Tiles

Adding Multiple Live Tiles On Windows 8 Start Screen:

You can get Tiles Factory app free from Windows store by using the link given at the end of this review.

After launching the app, you will find a templates column. Under templates column you will find 13 different tools: Calendar, Time, Internet Status, Geo Location, Day Counter, Network Status, Open File, Website Link, Custom Note, Custom Picture, Internet Connection Details, Mega Tile, and Open File. The app lets you add individual tiles for all the mentioned tools.

Calendar: This tool lets you add a Live Tile on Windows 8 start screen which displays current day, month and year.

Time: Time lets you add a Live Tile which displays current time with current date.

Internet Status: It displays the enabled and disabled status of the internet connection on the Live Tile.

Geo Location: This tool uses your location and displays your current location. It displays location on the basis of latitude and longitude.

Day Counter: It displays the time remaining for any particular task/work/trip. In this you can chose the date and type the name of the task. It will count the remaining days and will display with the work you have added.

Tiles Factory-Day Counter

Network Status: It displays network status on the basis of received (bytes) and sent (bytes) on the Live tile.

Open File: It lets you choose any file from your PC. Clicking on this tile will redirect you to the selected file and hence you can access that file directly through the Start Screen. You can add as many files as you want in individual tiles. The live tile displays the original name of the file as well.

Website Link: In this tool, you can add an URL of any website. Clicking on this Live Tile will redirect you to the added URL in your default browser.

Tiles Factory-Website Link

Custom Note: It lets you add multiple note tiles on the start screen. You can even add as many colorful notes as you want.

Tiles Factory-Custom Note

Custom Picture: This tool lets you add your favorite picture on the Live Tile of Windows 8 start screen. You can add multiple pictures in different tiles.  

Internet Connection Details: It displays details about the internet connection: costs, roaming, and over data limit.

Mega Tile: This tool lets you create multiple tiles for a single picture. Chose the picture that you want to add and then chose the tile size and number of tiles you want for that picture. You can divide picture in up to 6 tiles. To pin the picture on the Start screen, you individually need to tap on every tile of the picture.

Tiles Factory-Mega Tile

To start pinning any tool, simply click on the tool that you want to pin on Windows 8 start screen. Add the details, like if you want to pin day counter, then you need to add the date and title of the work. You can also chose the color of the live tile from provided options. After adding details, tap on Pin to start to add that Live tile to Windows 8 start screen.

Tiles Factory-Live Tiles on start screen

You can add multiple Tiles for each tools.

Also try Tile Genie for Windows 8.


Tiles Factory is an very useful personalization app for Windows 8. The different things, like: current time, current calendar, day counter, internet details, Geo location, etc. makes it more useful and interesting as well.

Get Tiles Factory here.

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