Free Windows 8 Tile Maker App: Tile Genie

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Tile Genie is a free Windows 8 Tile maker app, and the main utility of this free Windows 8 app is you can make custom tiles of your favorite photos on your Windows 8 system. Not only the app lets you transform the photos into Windows 8 Start screen tiles, but it also lets you launch a website by clicking on any one of the tiles.

As everyone knows that Microsoft came up with a totally different looking Windows this time as compared to the earlier versions. And there’s no Start menu this time, in fact there’s this Start Screen which contains multiple static and live tiles. Clicking on which launches the app or desktop app directly. And, as far as I know every one is in love with this Start screen because it is very visually appealing.

Tile Genie

So this is an app for all those Windows 8 start screen tile lovers, who in at any point thought about creating their own custom tiles. You can get this free Windows 8 tile maker app under the Tools Category in Windows Store, or you can also make use of the Windows 8 Search Cham.

Create custom Windows 8 tiles using this Windows 8 tile maker:

It is very easy to create custom Windows 8 tile of your favorite photos using this app. Tile genie is very easy to operate. It’s a single screen app, that means there’s no hassle of jumping between multiple screens. It is totally functional and fully serves it’s purpose. The UI is well laid out and all the requisite buttons are placed right at the Main Screen (the only screen). All the tiles that are going to get added to the Start screen are placed at the center and over the right side of screen as well. Also in a way, this helps in getting a preview of how the tiles are going to look.

Tile Genie - Main Screen

In order to create a custom Start Screen tile of the photos, the first thing you have to do is add all the photos by clicking on the Add Images button. Once they get added, you can now set the number of tiles that you want to get displayed on the start screen, by clicking on the Plus and Minus buttons. The horizontal + button adds tiles horizontally and vertical + button adds tiles vertically, same is the functioning of – buttons. Another good feature of this free Windows 8 tile maker app is you can also change the size of the tiles to Small or Wide or even Mixed.

Tile Genie - Adding Multiple Photos

Now, besides just simply making the tiles of photos, the app lets you rearrange the photos you added earlier at the beginning using the Up and Down Arrows present on photo layers box at the left side of screen. This will alter the pattern of the photo tiles that appear in the start screen. That is the photo on the top at the photo layers box will appear first, then comes the photo which is below it, then the one below it, and it goes on. Besides these click on the Cross button to remove a photo from the photo layer.

Tile Genie - Web URL

The other two interesting features included within this free Windows 8 tile maker app is, you can launch a website by clicking on any of the tile that you made. In order to do that simply feed in the URL in the website text box. And change the photo cycle time by clicking on the drop down present below the Cycle image label. Once you are done simply click on Pin Tiles! button.

Tile Genie - Setting Time Frame

Key features of this Tile maker app for Windows 8:

  • Freely available.
  • Windows 8 tile maker app.
  • Create custom tiles of multiple photos.
  • Launch a website on clicking on a tile.
  • Cycle the photos.
  • Easily add or remove row and column tiles.
  • Change tiles to Small or Wide.

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Final note:

Tile Genie is a really handy app. It’s totally functional, plus as a bonus it also launches website when you click on any one of the tiles that you made. So you can use it to open your favorite website. Besides that, the photos cycle on set time intervals. Ads are there, but they don’t distract you much. Definitely a good free Windows 8 tile maker app to try your hands at.

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Get Tile Genie here.

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