Phrase Expander Software With Auto Text Correction: WordExpander

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WordExpander is a free phrase expander software that lets you automatically add most commonly used phrases along with auto text correction facility. This means that once after adding desired phrases and shortcut words for those phrases, you can use them quickly in almost any application. Applications such as Notepad, Windows Live Writer, WordPad, MS Word etc. are supported by WordExpander.

This will save a lot of your precious time as you can work fast using commonly used phrases with just a hotkey. Likewise it will automatically detect mistakes and correct them which most of the applications don’t support. WordExpander runs as a stand alone program in the background and helps you to work with your applications fast and accurately. It is completely free for personal use and is very lightweight.

WordExpander 01 phrase expander

Another unique thing about this phrase expander is that it even lets you import and export Phrase library and AutoCorrect library. Thus, you can manually add phrases as well as can download and import available libraries to WordExpander. Lets see what you can do with WordExpander!

How To Use This Phrase Expander?

You can use this software after installing it to your PC. Once you will complete the installation, it will start running in system tray. You can click its system tray icon to open its window as it is visible in above screenshot. On its window, you will find three tabs i.e. File, Libraries, and Phrases. Have a look at these tabs.

  • File tab: It is used to access recently used tabs, change default hotkey, getting help, and managing settings etc.
  • Phrases: It is used to create new phrases. You can write any description and shortcut for that description in new phrase. Store as many phrases as you want.

WordExpander 02 phrase expander

  • Libraries: In between the above two tabs, you will find Libraries tab. This tab will help you to import, export and even download libraries (only available libraries), as well as create and store AutoCorrect Library and Phrase Library.

As soon as you will create and store desired things, you can save them in order to use them. Now whenever you will work with any application, you will find your added phrases while writing a text related to that phrase’s shortcut. See the below mentioned screenshot.

WordExpander 03 phrase expander

Whenever you will type anything related to your added shortcut, a small pop up will open up showing you 5 related phrases. You can use any of the relevant phrase by pressing ‘Shift key’ which is a default hotkey for this. Likewise any wrong word written by you will be corrected automatically.

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This will save your energy and time altogether and you will be able to work quite easily. Isn’t it a good software, it is indeed no doubt. You too can use this software and work efficiently. Below you can find its link to download.

Get WordExpander For Free:

Use this link to get WordExpander for free. This link will move you to the webpage where you will find Download WorkExpander button. Hit that button and it will start download. Once after completing its download, you can install this software by following the installation steps. That’s it! After completing the installation, WordExpander will run on system tray.

Use WordExpander on Windows. Store your most commonly used text phrase and get the benefit of auto text correction and auto add text phrase while working with your applications. Give a try to this phrase expander software.

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