Free Software To Design Logic Circuit: Logic Circuit Designer

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Logic Circuit Designer is free software to design Logic Circuits and Simulate them. Logic Circuit Designer lets you design logic circuits for AND, OR, NOT, XOR, NAND, NOR, and NXOR logic gates. After the designing you can simulate the circuit to see the result on the LEDs.

I like that along with 2 input Logic Gates, Logic Circuit Designer also allows to select multiple input for the logic gates. For the Logic gates you have the option for up to 8 multiple input for the gates. This feature is really good as a multiple input logic gate can reduce a requirement for other similar gates.

That was designing the circuit. To simulate the circuit, Logic Circuit Designer gives you the option to test the simulation result on output LED. You can use the input buttons and the output LED to see the output when you manually toggle the input using the input button. I have posted a small simulation clip of a Logic circuit below.

Logic Circuit Designer - Working

Working With Logic Circuit Designer to Design Logic Circuit:

Logic Circuit Designer is easy to use and the user interface offers simple tools. From the user interface you get all the basic logic gates and the other tools that include:

  • Button: For toggling the input.
  • LED: For seeing the output.
  • Input and Output SSD (Seven Segment Display).
  • Clock.
  • Module: You can use the module option to open a predefined circuit straight as a module. The module will consist only of the input and output options. You can use this option to increase the modularity of your circuit. That is, instead of making one single complex logic circuit you can use modules to simplify the circuit.

Logic Circuit Designer - Interface

Connecting the wires can be a bit tricky as I did not find tools to bend or turn the connecting wires. However you can do that using the mouse right-click button. You can add a bending point on the wire by right clicking on the part of wire where you want the bend.

There is no option to save the simulation. That is, you can only design the circuit and can not save the simulation. Also, there is no option to write anything on the circuit and label the Gates. I missed this feature.

I like that you have the option to save the work either on local storage or you can print the circuit also.

Features of Logic Circuit Designer :

  • Very easy to use.
  • Option to simulate the circuit.
  • Option to open the circuit for Multiple tabs.
  • Movable toolbars: Toolbars can be dragged and placed anywhere on the interface.
  • Option to load module of circuits inside another circuit.
  • Fast and easy simulation.
  • Unlimited times undo and redo.
  • Option to align the circuit components to left, right, and center.

You might also like to try similar software Qucs (Quite Universal Circuit Simulator).


Logic Circuit Designer offers simple but good enough tools to start testing the Digital Logic circuits. This software is meant for people who just want to test a digital circuit only for input and output. There is no option to simulate Sequential circuits, however you can design them. Simulation is quick and I enjoyed working with Logic Circuit Designer.

Get Logic Circuit Designer Here.

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