Kindergarten Maths Software To Teach Kids Even & Odd Number Difference

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Odd Or Even¬†is a free kindergarten maths software that helps you in teaching your children the difference between even or odd. It’s a simple and handy tool that offers a simple way to help children understand the difference between even and odd numbers, by giving them sample questions to solve. Odd Or Even is a basic math learning app for small children.

Odd Or even is available as a freeware and can be downloaded easily using the link given at the end of this article. Though the app is meant for small kids, its interface doesn’t give any impression of a “kids-friendly” software. But as far as the working is concerned, Odd Or Even remains handy and effective. Let’s have a brief look on its functioning part.

OddOrEven interface

Teach Children Even Odd Difference with Odd Or Even:

Odd Or Even comes with a simple interface that lists a cheat sheet, a sample question, a score bar, and a history page. The cheat sheet helps your children in learning or quickly referring which kind of numbers are odd and which are even. The sheet shows just the beginning numbers in odd or even series, so that your children would get just the hint, and not the exact answer to the sample problem.

OddOrEven interface 01

Once they understand the difference between even and odd, they can proceed by attempting the questions. Every question lists a number with two options: Odd and Even. Now the child just has to click on the appropriate option. Once he/she made a choice, a running score will be displayed in the score card and a corresponding entry will be added to the history sheet for reference.

So you can simply install this free kindergarten maths software in your system, let your child try out some sample even odd problems, and later see which questions your child has attempted and how many of them were correct.

Key Features of this Free Kindergarten Maths Software:

  • Free math learning software for kindergarten kids.
  • Helps in teaching your children even odd difference.
  • Real-time result calculation for each problem along with correct answer.
  • Displays running score.
  • Displays problem history.
  • Refresh option available.¬†
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple and handy.
  • Lightweight.

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The Final Verdict:

Odd Or Even is a nice free kindergarten maths software to teach children even odd difference. I didn’t find any problem with the software except for the interface design. It could have a better interface; something animated or populated with cartoon characters singing children rhymes in background, that would have made the app more catchy to small kids. But otherwise, it’s nice. Give it a try.

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