Free Math Game to Enhance Mathematics: Bubble Sums

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Bubble Sums is a free math game specially designed to learn and enhance basic mathematics in a fun way. This free math game makes your child understand the basic concept of addition and subtraction in Mathematics. The game is all about targeting and shooting an equation bubble with small answer bubbles loaded in bubble gun. Bubble Sums is a small in size math game, which comes in a file size of only 801 KB.

Bubble Sums

Bubble sums is easy to play, for playing this game you need to launch it and choose the operation to perform between addition, subtraction and mix using your keyboard arrow keys. Press the Enter key for choosing an operation, now choose the highest number to use and enter the number of bubbles allowed to miss. Now, you will come across the main game screen with large equations bubbles flying over head and with a bubble gun at the centre of the screen, this bubble gun can be freely moved to any direction.

A child needs to calculate and feed in the answer using the numeric keys on the keyboard. Now he/she need to set the crosshair on that particular equation bubble for which the answer was input. Now shoot the large bubble with small bubble having your answer. Both bubbles will burst if you answered correctly. In case your answer is wrong then only the small bubble will burst and you will need to try again.

Controls for playing Bubble Sums:

  • Use Left mouse button to launch small bubbles.
  • Use number keys to input your answer.
  • Use Mouse in order to aim the crosshair at the large equation bubbles.
  • Use Escape key to stop the game.
  • Use F4 key to switch between full view and window view.

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Key Features Of This Free Math Game:

  • No installation required.
  • Lightweight math game.
  • Makes it possible for your kids to learn addition and subtraction in a fun way.
  • Customization options to choose the highest number to be used in the game and number of bubbles which you are allowed to miss.
  • Choose to play game on addition, subtraction or both mix.
  • Play the game in full view just by pressing F4.

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Bubble Sums offers a fun way to learn addition and subtraction by shooting the large equations bubbles with your answer bubbles. Download and try Bubble Sums for free.

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