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Mathchimp is a website where you can play free online math games. This website is a free source where you can get several multiplayer and helpful online math games. This website is specifically designed for parents and students who are in search of knowledge imparting online math games which can enhance their mathematics. And for the teachers who are looking for online math games to use them as classroom resources. The best thing is that these games are organized by common core standards. Moreover this web site has also got a sign up option.


The Sign up option allows the site to inform you about the games which are popular among the regular players. Moreover you can even rate the games by which you can keep a track of games you have played. After registration you can be reminded of the games which you liked. This website includes various free online math games according to the grades. You will find online math games from first grade up to fifth grade.

Online Math Games:

First grade online math games basically consist of those games which can really help players in understanding the basic concept of addition and subtraction. These games will also include the strategies adopted for addition and subtraction up to 20. Players will also understand whole number relationship, place value,linear measurement and about geometric shapes.

Pretzel arm wrestling is one of the first grade online math game in which you need to choose the correct answer for math addition and subtraction problems displayed on the screen, your correct answers will let you win in this arm wrestling.


Second grade online math games are basically designed for strengthening the base of addition and subtraction. These games also include base ten notation and standard measurement units.

Poddles game is one of the second grade online math game in which each poddle gives you a hint about it’s weight when you click on “Hint”. Then you need to click on the weight on the right side of the screen and place it on the scale as per the hint given. Make sure that the weight placed by you should be equal to the poddle’s weight.


Third grade online math games are aimed to make understand a player about multiplication and division. And the methods applied for performing multiplication and division. Moreover these games also focus upon fractions, structure of rectangular arrays and of area and two-dimensional shapes.

Cross the river is a third grade online math game in which you need to cross the river by clicking on the correct fraction out of the options available for the shaded part. Note that if you choose a wrong answer you will fall in the river. So choose correct answers and cross the river.

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Fourth grade online math games are focused upon improving the speed and skill giving you multiple digit multiplication and division that includes multi-digit dividends. Some of these games are totally focused on adding and subtracting fractions, fraction equivalence, fractions and whole number multiplication. And analyzing and classifying  geometric figures on the basis of their properties.

Dirt bike fractions is one of the fourth grade online math game in which there is tug war between the dirt bikes. And you need to select the correct sign to state that whether the fraction is smaller than, bigger than or equal to the opposite fraction displayed on the screen to win this game.


Fifth grade online math games are totally focused upon improving fluency with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions. Moreover these games enhances fluency in whole number and decimal operations as well.

Decimal hero is one of the fifth grade online math game, in this game you need compare each fraction to equivalent decimal. You need to press the space bar to hit the equivalent decimal for fraction problems on the screen.

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Mathchimp is a website which offers a wide variety of free online math games. These games are very helpful for the students for enhancing their mathematics. And also for the teachers for using it as a practice tool for their students.

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