Remove Unwanted Content From Webpage with Adlesse

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Adlesse is an Add-on for all your web browsers to remove unwanted content from webpage like ads and banners. If you are annoyed with animated ads and banners on web page while browsing, then you should use Adlesse that provides the actual and useful content.

This add-on to remove unwanted content from web is reliable and safe from malware and adware.


This add-on is provides user-friendly interface. You may install this add-on on different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Apple Safari. It also enables one click installation feature for all your web browsers.

Key Features Of Adlesse Add On To Remove Unwanted Content:

  • Convenient and easy to use this add-on.
  • Add-on for all your web browsers.
  • Improves your internet experience.
  • Instead of ads, you may see Bing, Wiki and many more search results.
  • Free of cost and quick to download.
  • Provides additional results on Google search pages.

Adlesse 1

  • It’s not conditional to always remove ads with Adlesse.
  • Replace animation ads with Adlesse widgets.
  • Set alternative results when Google ads are available.
  • Click here to configure Adlesse widgets instead of ads.
  • Add priorities to your widgets with searches.
  • Set priorities like weather, local news, famous quotation, interesting facts and much more.

How To Add Adlesse To Your Web Browsers:

  • To add Adlesse to your web browser, click here.
  • Select the web browser to install Adlesse plugins.


  • Select install for all browsers in one click.

Adlesse 2

  • This add-on automatically gets added to your web browser or browsers.

Adlesse is a plugin for all your web browsers to remove unwanted content from the webpage, instead displays useful and interesting content. If you are upset with frequent ads on different browsers and want something useful and interesting. Try this add on to remove unwanted content from web page and judge out the performance.

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Works With: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Apple safari, Internet explorer,
Free/Paid: free