How to Let Your Assistant Check Email, Generate Log of Activity?

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The article talks about how to let you assistant check email, generate log of activity. SearchMyEmail is the free service where you (as a boss) can add the email id of your assistant. And your assistant can look for important emails for information. On the other side, you can check the activity of your assistant what they search for.

It is a great concept as you don’t have to forward your emails to your assistant. Instead, you can give authority to your assistant to check email without providing your Gmail account credentials. If your assistant enters custom keywords, the service displays the relevant result. This online service generates a log of activity that helps you get the searched history in your emails.

You can add multiple assistants and give them authority to check your emails. Also, you can remove any assistant later when not needed. Try this service to automatically find invoices in Gmail that creates folders in your Google Drive.

access emails of your boss

Let Your Assistant Check Email, Generate Log of Activity

When you visit the website called SearchMyEmail, it shows two options on the homepage:

  • Log in as the Boss
  • Log in as an assistant

sign in as boss by adding your email id

Of course, if you’re signing in as an assistant, you won’t be able to access this service. Because your boss is supposed to add you (your email id) first as an assistant.

So here, being a boss, you can log in to add assistant’s email id and give them authority to access your emails. Just follow these simple steps mentioned below:

  • Once you click on the option (log in as the boss), it prompts you to allow this service to your Google account. After allowing it, you will be logged in. The dashboard appears as I have shown below.

Add the email id of your assistant

  • At this point, you can add the email id of your assistant. Then, your assistant will get an email to accept the invitation.
  • You assistant will have to follow the same procedure. The person has to log in as an assistant. Then, allow SearchMyEmail to access their Google account.
  • Then, your assistant will see the dashboard as shown below. Here, your assistant can search for emails by typing custom text or keywords.
  • After entering keywords, it shows all the relevant result. Your assistant can open these emails to know the information without disturbing the boss to ask for email forwards.

check the activity of your assistant

  • Moreover, you as the boss will be getting email updates of the activity log. Whatever your assistant searches, it shows the whole activity in your email.

In brief

Your assistant assists you in every aspect in terms of managing your business and workload. But asking for email forwards is the annoying thing that your assistant does. Here, using SearchMyEmail service, you can get rid of forwarding emails to your assistant. Also, you can find the information about what they looked in your emails.

Try this service.

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