Automatically find Invoices in Gmail, Copy to Google Drive with Month/Year Sorting

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In this blog post, you will read about how to automatically find Invoices in Gmail. Also, you can copy invoices to Google Drive with month and year. For that, you can use the Chrome extension named FindMyVoices. Using this extension you can do multiple tasks. You can find invoices from your Gmail. This extension creates a separate label as My Invoices. Also, it automatically syncs to your Google Drive where it creates a folder named FindMyInvoice. There you will see all the invoices are sorted by year, month and date.
Besides that, you can directly mark emails as an invoice. You can also mark dates from the extension calendar. Doing so, you can find the invoice for the particular date. This is a great way to organize invoices within Gmail. It can be very helpful to track your expenses. Also read this article to generate Invoice with Android apps.
Automatic create Invoice label

Automatically find Invoices in Gmail, Copy to Google Drive with Month/Year Sorting

When you install the Chrome extension called FindMyInvoice, the icon of extension automatically appears next to the address bar. Though, you don’t need to do anything with the icon.

So after installing the extension, it prompts you to login to your Gmail. Also, you have to allow the extension to access your Gmail account. Now, you need to set up this extension in your Gmail inbox. For that, I’ll cover two steps that are as follow:
Step 1: The first thing you need to select the invoices that are available in your Gmail. You can mark invoices by clicking on the checkboxes and go next.
Step 2: The second step is to select the date. You can choose the starting date of invoices. Doing so, the extension detects all the invoices and display the invoices from the date you have selected to the current date.
Now you are done with setting up the extension in your Gmail account. After that, you will see a separate label is created titled as My invoices. As you can see in the image above, all the selected invoices are available in My invoices label. It becomes very easy to see all the invoices in one place.
Since this extension is synced with Google Drive, it automatically sorts all the invoices in Google Drive. When you visit your Google Drive account, you will find a folder named FindMyInvoice. Clicking on that folder shows your folders that are already sorted by year and month.
copy invoices in Google Drive by year and month
As shown in the image above, this extension automatically creates a folder of my invoices. When you will open the folder, you will find subfolders in it where your invoices are sorted by year and month. It’s a great way to manage your e-bills in a folder by dates. And you don’t need to create folders because the extension does it automatically.
Apart from this, you can open any email that contains the invoice. There you will a see the extension icon which you can click to mark that email as the invoice. Also, it shows the similar invoices available in your Gmail.

In brief

I think it’s a great extension for Gmail as it automatically finds all the invoices in your Gmail account. Also, it creates a separate label of invoices. The good thing about this extension is that this automatically creates the folder in Google Drive sorted with year and months. So try this extension to make expense in one place.

Try this out.

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