How To Get Book Recommendations By Book Title or Author

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This tutorial explains how to get book recommendations by using book title or author name.

What Should I Read Next? is a free website that helps to get book recommendations based on book title or author name entered by you. This simply lets you find out if there are other similar books (or books that you might like) available or not. A huge list of recommended books is provided to you. Recommendations are based on the popularity of books in this website and books favorited by users.

This website also helps to view information and price details about those books. You will be directed to for books purchase and information.

You can also create a book list and add desired recommended books to that list for later use. Multiple book lists can be created by you and plenty number of books can be stored to each list. But you need to create a free account for creating book lists and manage lists.

get book recommendations

In screenshot above, you could see book recommendations provided by this website based on my search. There would be a great list of recommended books. You simply need to scroll down the webpage.

You might also be interested to check these websites to get DRM free eBooks: Smashwords and Project Gutenberg.

Key Features:

  • Create an account with this website if you want to create books list and store recommended books to those lists. You can create book list with desired name. After creating the account, a check box will be provided with each recommended book.
    create book list to store recommendations You can select required books and add those books to desired book list.
  • With each recommendation, multiple subjects are also provided, just like visible in screenshot below. Clicking on any book subject will further provide you recommendations based on book subject.
    select book subject to get recommendations
  • If it failed to provide search results for a book name or author, then you could also add ISBN number (a thirteen digit International Standard Book Number) of your book to get search results and then recommendations.
    find book with ISBN number

How To Get Book Recommendations Based On Book Title or Author Name?

Here are the steps to get book recommendations based on book title or author:

Step 1: Go to its homepage using the link given at the end of this review. After this, you have to first search for your desired book.

Step 2: Start typing the book name or author name in the available text box. A keyword might also work sometimes. Immediately after entering the book title/author, search results will be in front of you. If you find needed book, simply click on its link.

enter book title or author name

Step 3: Clicking on a particular link will provide you all the recommendations related to that book. See the screenshot below. Now you simply need to open any desired recommendation(s) in a new tab.

book recommendations

After this, you will be able to view the information of that book and book price on


What Should I Read Next? makes it more easy for you to find out recommended books. All you have to do is get search results and then finally fetch recommendations.

Try What Should I Read Next free.

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