How to See Next Best Google Featured Snippet Result for a Keyword

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This tutorial explains how to see the next best Google Featured Snippet result for a keyword or phrase. If you want to see which featured snippet is next in queue, then you cannot normally see it. But there is a hacky method you can make use of to see the next featured snippet. And I will mention it here so you can use this method to see if your own website is in the queue. And not just the second best featured snippet but you will be able to find 3rd, 4th, 54th featured snippet, and so on.

If you are in SEO line of work then you must know this little trick of Google Advance search for find featured snippet queue for any keyword or phrase. And you will be surprised to know that there are more than one featured snippet for every search term and query, decided by Google. There is no tool to uncover them all, but here in this guide I will mention how you can find them.

How to See Next Best Google Featured Snippet Result for a Keyword?

In order to see the next best featured snippet for a keyword domain, we will use Google Advanced search switches.

Let’s say you search for “when will riverdale end” in Google search box. The first featured snippet is from

Google Search Find Featured Snippet

To see the second featured snippet in the queue, simply add to the search phrase. Now, what you get is the second featured snippet in the queue, which is from as you can see below.

when will riverdale end

Google Search Find 2nd Featured Snippet

If you want to get the third featured snippet, then you must keep adding the previous website domains in the search box with the “_” in the beginning. In our case, the third featured snippet result for our initial query is from See this in the below screenshot.

when will riverdale end

Google Search Find 3rd FEatured Snippet

So, now, you know the drill. Just keep doing this to find the 4th or 5th featured snippet. However, there might be no more featured snippet after reducing 2 or more domains if the search term is very specific. But for generic searches, there will be many featured snippet that you will get to discover.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for a way to find feature snippets for your own websites on some keyword or phrase, then this simple guide here will help you. Try it on your own and then see it in action yourself. You can use this method to find competitor featured snippet and then compare them with yours if there are any.

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